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what is this 70 521 worth in your opinion? 56k beware lol


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hey guys this is my first post on the forum. iv had a few dimes that iv built and sold but never a 521 so im wondering if i could get some opinions on her value! heres some pics of her process.

the day i got her



adjusted the torsions and got blocks for a 3-3 drop




next i started on the body, removing the bed to start on it first. used very minimal bodyfiller, but when i did it was rage gold. put in about 50 total hours on paint and bodywork. used a custom burning copper color. i shaved most of the unwanted holes in the body. ( embem holes, antenna, sidemarker)









one the body and paint were finished i put the bed back on and started on the wheels and trim.

oh and i also painted the engine bay and interior semi-gloss black.

i got a set of 18" titan wheels 18x8 +18 offset with 225/35 rubber

threw in some bucket seats and tinted the rear glass when i put it back in.







next i built the motor. replaced the main bearings. new standard pistons and rings for the l20. 5 speed, ported and polished head, hd valves and springs, cam. got a longtube header with 2.25" piping to a resonator to a magnaflow. i also stole some su carbs and custom manifold off my other dime.







and heres one with part of my other lady too!



so that is pretty much her in a nutshell! ps 56k on the dash, prob rolled over haha! what would you pay?

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Well first off nice truck,second i would say depending on how the paint job really came out,hard to tell with photos,third is the truck complete is it all in good shape,motor runs good all electrical is in good shape,the glass is good all the rubbers changed out in side of truck of course will dictate value.Now with that said the 521's seem to be the new datsun of choice because they seem to be coming out of the wood work,but the following crowd for the 521's in my opinion are not going to drop big cash yet on them like they do on 510's and 240's.I think with what kelowg said might be some what correct,now that one green one in the 521 photo gallery with the 18's and 20's on the rear i think sold for about 8000.000 on ebay i know because i was watching it.It was a clean truck with big wheels and it sold so anything is possible,i got way to much in my truck already and i know i cant what i put into it unless someone really has to have that truck.Good luck with sell.

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thanks guys! mrbigtanker, the paint looks better than the factory paint on my infiniti, 0 orangepeel and all the jams are painted as well, no history of the previous color. motor runs like a top. oddly enough it feels faster than my dime with the same mods on a l18 lol but all the glass is good with brand new gaskets everywhere. i was really hoping for more (naturally haha) i had it on cl for 6k obo with no bites, i guess il drop it to 45ish!

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Why not stay with what you want and then go from there.it's a very good looking truck and if the paint is what you said and truck performs like a top then go for it.also you know it's going to also determine were you list it and how far out you reach with your add that will also make you or break you.remember your looking for top dollar not bottom dollar.and with all said why are you selling it you have the best Datsun made hands down.have a good one.

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This looks like a good truck, but honestly it is kinda hard to tell from the pictures.

If you are asking more than a few hundred dollars for a 521, you need good pictures. Cell phone pictures will not cut it, but even a 150 to 200 dollar point and shoot digital camera will give you good pictures.

I do not need to see pictures with the truck in the background, and other cars and shrubbery in the foreground.

Try to find a neutral background to put your truck in front of.

Give me pictures of all four sides, with the truck filling most of the picture.

Take pictures early in the morning, or later in the evening with a rising or setting sun. It makes the colors on the truck "pop" And your truck is painted a color you really want to "'POP!"

Take pictures of the truck without any shadows on it.

Do not give me pictures of the silhouette of the truck against a brighter background.

I would also avoid pictures with internal engine parts in the battery tray.

I know the preceding sounded a little harsh or condescending, but remember, I am taking the time to help you with your sale.


I had to look for your second post in this thread to find out if it runs? It does.

Do all the lights work? Heater? Wipers? Washer?

How are the brakes?

Transmission shift good? No funny noises coming from the rear axle?

Do the kingpins need attention? How does the truck drive?

What does the dashboard top look like?

And here is the biggie with 521 trucks. How much rust in the floorboards? How much under the front fenders. Look in back of the front wheel, near the bottom, and look on top of the headlight buckets, and the front of the truck.


Any history on the truck? Service records? Does the serial number on the engine match the plate on the cowl of the truck?


In short, make me want this truck.

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When I first read this I thought "what's my 521 worth.... $59K?"


Couldn't have said it better Daniel. Find a friend with a digital camera and shoot dozens and dozens of shots and go through them at home. Take a recent picture of the motor with the SUs on and running. Avoid pictures with paint over spray on the frame and such... get a can of black spray paint and cover it up. Get a proper picture of the interior with dash and seats. Pose your truck with the tire turned outward to show off those meaty treads. If you shoot the other side turn the wheel outward on that side. Have the sun or lighting behind you. Go somewhere with a non nondescript block wall or background for your pictures.


There are two common 5 speeds, so mention which one you have. Did you do the swap or not?

Do you have an internal or external voltage regulator? (mention it if you do)

Do you have an EI (electronic ignition) distributor? (mention it if you do)

Do you have a front disc brake conversion? (mention it if you do)



3500.00 but we always want to sell for more. Just have to decide what u want more,to sell it quick or wait it out and get the money u want out if it


Assuming the truck is in excellent running condition with suspension, (mostly the king pins) steering ball joints, drum brakes in very good shape and with zero electrical problems I would apply my 2/3 rule. This is what I have found as the difference between asking and actual selling price. Many owners own a Datsun as a fun project or hobby then find that they have little choice (bills, out of work, g/f pregnant, rent ...) and have to sell so the price drops until someone buys it. Datsun $3,500 X 0.66 = $2,310. A good for sale posting with the fore mentioned pictures and descriptions could bump it up higher.

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Well i don't think that truck is worth only 2310.00.I watched the green one sell for almost or over 8000.00 on EBAY years ago.And that truck still got the J block all drum brakes and to me the interior was so so. And if you look close at the pictures of that truck the door jams were not even sprayed,Yea 2310.000 on RATSUN of course but do the craigslist thing also list on EBAY and reach out to the world.Lets be honest even if the truck was not worth over 1000.00 bucks there is a old saying,there is a sucker born every minute. you will sell it bro if your not hard up take your time and get top dollar not bottom dollar.

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My opinion will be personal value of a car always is higher if your not in desperate needs of money ask what you want be paitent about it and sooner or later u might get lucky. If your in a bad situation well list below your personal value.

I got offered double the money i paid for my truck the day i baught it amd said no and just got offered 2100 for it on my way to datsloco and its not even close to what this one looks like.


My $0.02. GLWS.

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