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SK Racing 48mm Side Draft Carbs and 1 Mikuni 44 PHH Carb

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Bought these for a project I was working on but went another route. Looking to get 500.00 for the SK Racing Carbs and 250.00 for the Mikuni. Also have 4 used velocity stacks for 80.00, bought these for the SK carbs but they did not fit, after some research I found out they were for Weber IDF downdraft carbs. I prefer Paypal but will take a USPS Money Order as well. PM me for more pics. These will be shipped from Copperas Cove, Texas!





















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After being contacted by another member these carbs are actuallly 45mm not 48mm. They are 48mm on the throat side but 45mm on the butterfly side. I would update the title but i couldn't figure out how to do that.

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These carbs are the shizz. I have a set and originally, it was designed to be the best of Mikuni and Weber mixed together from what I've researched. However, due to legalities between mikuni and weber, they went off the market. They came back as OER carbs and parts are available here:




Slow on shipping because he orders directly from Japan, but great service and parts are top notch. One of the best parts is the conversion kit to upgrade the float system.


If I didn't have 4 sets of sidedrafts, I'd be all over this.

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