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Hmmm what to do, what to do?


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Just bought a L20 with a U67 head and twin dual 40mm side draft Dell-Ortos, should I put it in my 74 620 or swap the L16 out of my 69 510 and drop the L20 in the 510 and the L16 in the 620?????


Come on guys help me out with this problem. The 510 Needs some work, but the L16 runs. Carb needs a tunning.


The L18 in the 620 is locked up and needs a rebuild, but the body needs hardly andything.


I am in a dilema could use the help making up my mind.

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L16 in the 620 is gonna leave you with a nice economy truck. 35mpg ftw!


The 510 is light enough to (like mike said) be a rocket ship.




By the way, which one are you planning on bringing to the meet on the 22nd?

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Yeah thanks guys that what I was thinking!


Monkey that might be the weekend I have to go get the engine. Got plans every weekend until then. Unless I can convince the old lady to ride up there with me next weekend, but its her birthday on the 9th so that might not fly!!


I might show up in the expedition with my new engine and new wheels in tow!!


But if I can get it in before then I might be there in the truck. Dont think the 510 will be road ready yet, it still needs alot of work.

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