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Datsun 510 Nuts HERE ME OUT!!!

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Was looking into purchasing a 510. I just love how much you can do to them. From swapping in a KA24DE(T) or SR20DE(T) or even a VG30DE(TT) (I've even seen a couple of rotary ones for sale). So many options but which one to pick? I love the feel and sound of a V6. I have had a 240SX before, but is that the engine I really want? What about that VG30 though? Anyway, here's a question for you guys, What swaps you did, and which turned out to be the best for you?








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when you start to think about a VG30de swap.......... dont.


thers a reason it isnt done.




a KA is waaay faster in a 510 than your old 240sx......... shaving off like a thousand pounds will do that.



but do your homework..... its all well covered.

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a KA is waaay faster in a 510 than your old 240sx......... shaving off like a thousand pounds will do that.


Hmm a KA 510 2dr is probably 2100lbs. A stock 240sx (s13) is 2700...


but yes it will be a good increase in the car, and you will feel a difference compared to a 240.

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My KA24DE 2-door weighed 2150 on the scales with a full interior, carpet, sound deadening, etc. I was expecting heavier.

I am already quite pleased with my KA swap, it was rough venturing into it with nothing more than forum research and a lot of solo hands-on, and having never checked out anybody elses swaps in person.


But now that I've done it once, I could easily do it again in *far* much time. I'm really happy with it, and once it runs the way it SHOULD, not the way it WANTS to, I know it can only get better from there on out.


V6's sound awesome. But, they are also a bit more work. Gotta have fab skills, and a shop and friends would be a lot of help. But the KA swap was pretty much the most straightforward swap, IMHO. Takes a bit to get everything together, but it's essentially just like bolting in another L-series, just have to do the wiring and such for the EFI, the associated stuff like a bigger radiator, electric fuel pump, new fuel lines, miscellaneous plumbing. But it's easier than I originally thought, but also a bit more expensive than I had planned.


That, and KA24's are everywhere. Single cams, dual cams - pick your poison. Where there's a will, there's a way.


The important part is that you're working on a Datsun - your Datsun - so either way, it'll be rewarding to start it up for the first time... again. And again. ;)

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A well built Rotary will probably be faster than most swaps out there but also very expensive to do. Just the ported set-up costs in the $5,000 plus all the mods, transmission, fuel system, etc...etc... the Rotary swap is lighter and puts your car under 2,000 lbs. But you will easily spend $10,000,00 on the just the engine set-up, easy.


VG30?!? HELL NO!!! uless you like crazy ass bitches for girlfriends, lol..

Leacaon thought on a KA, it is probably the nicest set-up for immediate power and MPG and the next one to that at an econmic rate is any of the L series.


BRAP BRAP BRAP!!! :devil:

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While nowone can argue about the HP a rotory puts out, they are very unforgiving if you miss a bit on your tuning. You have to get it right.

The sohc KA is the same bore and stroke as a Z24 right? I have never ridden in anything with either, and was wondering how high you rev them. How high do they pull?

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Rotory's are a pain I put one in a 89 B2000 it was a ported six port with a first gen front and oil pan witch was a lot easier to mount then the second gen.

That thing was way to loud too and only got 9mpg! They are way to high maintenance to be a daily! The 50mm side draft did way better than a BG 500 4 barrel .


I got so tired of messing with it I let it go for $900 :poke: :crying:


That burn out is a 1/8th of a mile long and only first and second it was their for months :thumbup: sorry about the phone pics









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A stock KA in a 510 will burnout all the way through 2nd too lol even with an LSD. I left a pretty dark 11 outside my work a couple weeks ago... spun all the way til I hit 3rd. Can't beat the torque these things have!


My KA 4 door 510 weighs in at 2100 lbs with two seats and a rollbar. No rear seats, complete dash, and all 4 door panels are installed. No sound deadener/carpet yet. 30 mpg highway and it'll run mid 13s in the 1/4 mile. (A stock 240SX runs the 1/4 mile in 16 seconds) And a KA is probably the easiest EFI swap out there.


Honestly though, if you have to ask... stick with an L series.

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do you mean turbo L20b (4 cyl) not turbo L20 (6 cyl)


Honestly, when was the last time you have seen a running L20? I understand there is a difference, a big one, but its a pretty safe assumption which someone is talking about.

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Thanks for all the reply's guys. So many engines so little time. haha. So VR38 right? haha jk. I've already narrowed my search to either 510's with the L16, L18, L20, KA24DE or SR20. Already know of a couple of L20's and KA24DE (T) 's in 510's in my area just from craigslist. And yes I do live in Placentia, not Placenta. haha. But anyways, is it a common thing to either have a KA (T) or SR (T) in wagons more than coupes or sedans? Cause almost every time I see a wagon, I see a beautiful KA24 or SR20 staring back at me. haha. Let me know whatcha guys think, and again thanks for replying and sorry for the late reply.

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