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Any cool Datsun stuff avail near Oakland, CA, USA?

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I am getting a 620 truck from Oregon, and its going in a container at Oakland CA to come to England.

Looking to fill up some gaps with anything interesting / good deals . Do you have any old cars or parts near Oakland for sale, if so, hit me with what you've got. Gearboxes? Engine? Body panels? Old emergency services light bars? Cool wheels? Bumpers? Old Mopar stuff considered , motorcycles (Honda monkey etc) in fact, try me with anything, and if I think someone might need it here in the UK I could be interested. Drop me a message, or my land line number is +44 1342 321000.


Thanks for reading!

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Im trying to figure out whats desired in UK myself :) Basically, things with lack of rust are the holy grail, anything up to the 1980s.


as for lightbars, thats something i used to bring in in the past and they sold quite well because the bars you guys got over USA were way way cooler than ours. The ones i particuarly like which are from the 70s/80s are the Federal Signal Aerodynic bar. I used to pick them up for $50-$100 but some are a lot more than that now as I think people are starting to hoard them over there now that they dont really use that style these days.


Im not bringing in a whole container from CA, just one car at the moment but I can get the shipping company to put one or two things in with the car which will be container sharing with probably 2 other peoples' cars at least. If I ship another car it will just cost the regular rate which for me is around $1200.


Thanks for the craigslist link. I do look at the ones people pick out and post on Ratsun but now I see thats the tip of the iceberg, theres so much stuff on there!

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