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FS: KA24DE engine/trans swap

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Okay Ratsun, this is the final piece I have to liquidate out of the Datsun stash. Engine is ready to drop in. 1996 KA24de. Engine has been rebuilt (everything mic'd within spec so it had standard rings and bearings put in) Head was checked and surfaced, new timing set installed. New clutch as well. Comes with REDEYE mounts as well. Bell housing swap has been done with the 240 bell and a 1981 720 5 speed truck transmission.


Engine ran extremely well. Came out of a car with about 148K on it that hit a deer. Po bought it with hopes of doing the swap inhis 620 but fell on hard times. The cons to this is the fact that the wiring and computer were in the truck. He moved house a few times, got kicked out of a place and everything in the truck was ransacked, so All that is available is engine and trans.


I am not sure what this is worth. Over 750$in parts has gone into the rebuild. I am owed about $700 in labor from this guy, so that is what I am going to ask for it. I will meet someone 1/2 way somewhere in the PNW for fuel costs, or palletize and you can arrange shipping by truck freight.


Please p.m. me if interested. Oics will be forthcoming tomorrow.



EDIT: These are the best oics I can get with my phone here at the dimly lit shop.






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To clear up some questions from e mails I have received. 1: I will not hold the engine for you. First come first served. 2: I realllly don't like doing business with Paypal, so unless that is the absolute only way I will have to charge you the %age that they take to make things even. 3: I am leaving the PNW on july 19th, so this needs to be gone by then or it will be going with me, which noone wants to see happen(especially me). Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Also. What you see is what you get. The wiring and computer no longer exist. The only thing not pictured are the redeye motor mounts, those aren't on the block currently.

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