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R200 diff. CLSD with axle's

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What is needed for this to swap into an S30?


Companion flange adapter(Six_Shooter on HybridZ.org made some for me) and a R200 mustache bar ! The cage on the driverside axles would need to be turn around to to allow a little more clearance too but thats it !

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May I ask mileage (if known) :)

Backlash ?

Condition look good inside? (Ring etc)

Aprox weight? ( I calculate via UPS )


Thanks much for your time




I do not know the milage, it was bought USED

It was used in a 300zx for the last 5 years and worked great. ( Weekend use only )

I have not pullede the cover, as I know where the diff. came from.

The diff itself wiegh's about 80 pounds


This is still For Sale

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