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salvaged vehicles

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Hi guys just was surfin the net and found this site where ya can bit on all these vehicles to bad they are spread all over the country . but if they are in your area mayby ya could get some good deals and recycle parts or find a rebuilder. I know here in B.C. its kinda hard to do unless ya have good contacts.


also just found this one up my way no datsuns though.


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In most cases they are cars that were traded in. Since the dealers have no interest in selling them, they send them to wholesale auctions. Wholesalers know these won't ever sell to a dealer, so they market them to salvage yards via their auctions, which are the same as insurace auctions. This just happens to be a site that sells nationwide rather than live bid at the lots.


There will, of course, be actual "insurance totalled" cars, as well as cars sent in by individuals simply to get rid of them. Cars shuffle from one wholesale auction to another- I had an Grand Marquis that went to 3 dealers and 2 wholesale auctions before I bought it from a public auto auction. They keep shuffling until either a junkyard or an individual finally buys it. There are usually minimum bids or reserves on these things; you aren't getting a car for $100 nowadays unless you're hauling them out of someone's swamp.

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2000 Benz for $900. Damage: Normal wear. Huh, seems pretty damn slick if this site is legit.




2008 Nissan Titan for swap or what not: http://erepairables.com/salvage-auction/trucks/nissan/titan/2008-nissan-titan-1728260


2005 Armada for whatever; front end damage: http://erepairables.com/salvage-auction/suvs/nissan/armada/2005-nissan-armada-1708703

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I had dealt with these guys, they are merely a broker who filters cars and bids for you. Stupid middle man. they are just using cars from www.IAAI.com I have bought (and been party too) a lot of cars purchased from IAAI.com over the years. With fees (both buyer and seller) you are going to easily add another 400 to 1500 to the end price. They are now selling a lot of cars that are not branded as "salvage" IE: people dropping grandpas old mercury off after he died for it to auction etc, but beware, because in many states (such as idaho) if you buy a vehicle from a salvage auction even if it has a title, they will give it a branded salvage title. On a lot of older rigs it doesn't matter.


These guys are basically middling you, thats what the "brokerage fee" is.

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I guess I'm used to going to the regular pick-n-pull yards, where the cars died of natural causes, but the drivers survived. Seems almost like grave robbing to get parts from a car with a mangled passenger compartment.


I saw a salvage 210 wagon on one of these salvage sites with a smashed steering wheel and a spiderweb on the drivers' side of the windshield. Now I feel compelled to check up on the inertia reels of my safety belts.


*edit* You may find a foot or part of the leg.

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Salvaged vehicles can have as little damage as a replaced fender and headlight. They're not always bad cars, and in fact, they're rarely bad cars. We've had a few salvaged vehicles over the years and none of them had any noticeable damage, and we checked them over very thoroughly. We've seen far more "regular" title cars with horrible/scary repairs. When it comes to old Datsuns, I think most people just don't care anyways. I'd doubt it would reflect the resale value, unless the car had shady repairs.

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Yeah, the whole "salvage" and worse yet "totalled" brands are stupid. It just merely means the vehicle wasn't valued high enough for the insurance company to want to fix it. I have had tons of branded title vehicles that has small, insignificant damage..........broken taillights, markerlights and one that even had just a license plate bracket broken...........

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I saw a salvage 210 wagon on one of these salvage sites with a smashed steering wheel and a spiderweb on the drivers' side of the windshield. Now I feel compelled to check up on the inertia reels of my safety belts.



Shoulder strap probably broke. I know this firsthand, luckily I have a hard head. :rofl:

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