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speaker boxes? how did you do it?


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so im assuming most of you at least have a radio and one speaker, but i need to see some pictures of your guys' layouts. im looking at putting a ten" sub and some 6 1/2" speakers in my truck somehow, but so far my only ideas are down firing subs under the bench seat, or making a box that will fit inside the dash, maybe use the old parcel tray mounts? im not really sure yet! i just need ideas! :confused:

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Subs dont really care where they are, its bass, it goes through panels. Treble on the other hand can be stopped by a panel.


make a box under the bench, with a port out of the box forward towards the front of the bench. Look up box sizes and padding and stuff, there is a ton of research done already.


As for normal speakers, doors are good, but you may need to run a spacer as the rear of the speaker may interfere with the window.


Try to get speakers with a directional tweeter, or a remote tweeter. Some make molded boxes at the kick panels for their speakers, I suggest if you do it that way, put a cage over the speaker to prevent someones foot going into the speaker.


And yes, 521s are very cramped inside.

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i have a rockford fosgate 8in behind the passenger seat in a wedge box, i replaced the stock speaker with a newer one, and still looking for a place to install the other one. i am also putting a premier/pioneer amp under the drivers seat. im not lookin to blast music, just something simple that sounds alright.

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