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1973 Corona MarkII wagon MX29. The saga is now complete. (2015 update)

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Here's the quick story of how I added another wagon to my stable.

For the last two years I have daily driven a low mileage 94 Toyota XtraCab pickup. I liked it and thought I would keep it forever but found I was carrying my kids and their friends around more than I was using it as a truck. If the extra cab was just 6" bigger… Then I thought about a bigger wagon than my 510 to use as a daily. I originally set off looking for an 80s Cressida or Datsun 810 and then came across Joe's (cuts metal like mad) Corona Mark II. I've always liked these and after some great conversations on the phone, I decided to give it a try.

Joe is great to deal with. Gave me all the background on the running car and the parts car. I decided to have them shipped from Washington to Salt Lake. The car runs and drives great. Of course there are issues to take care of but its dependable and starts right up. I just got it registered so I can drive it around and work the bugs out legally now. ;)

I am also doing lots of commuting and errands on bicycle now. I figure that with my effort to go as car free as I can, the times that I do need a car, I might as well use a cool one. My neighbors think I'm nuts but that's a good thing. They don't see the beauty in what I do.

Enough words for now. Enjoy the oics and I will fill in more details as I update.


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dude i was ready to sell a kidney when this came up for sale the guy my dad got my first 610 from has one and it is even the same color as the running one i want a mark II soooooooooo bad

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The yellow one still runs doesn`t it?? I could swear it`s the one Joe rolled up in when he came over a few months ago but it was really, really cold and rainy that day..( even for north western Washington ) . But it seemed to run like a top at the time.

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The drive train from the yellow one is now in the brown one. So yes, that would be the one that he drove. It still runs like a top in the brown car. There is another 4M engine block and a 5 speed resting in it at the moment as well.

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ill just leave this here........


Oh yeah, very aware of this one. Actually studied it a lot. Then there's the green one from JCCS last year (Pertrano's with the go-karts, for sale on JNC) and a blue one that was also for sale on JNC. Pretty high profile cars since there's so few of them I've got to do a good job. Since its going to be my daily for a while it will be functional and not over the top. It runs good so I want it to be a driver.


That being said, I already have plans brewing in my head of working out a bag system on the parts car and then transferring it over one day to the driver. The whole A-arm subframe is removable.

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Dude this is Brad Lawrences friend ,nice find I like the grille ,I have a 75 Toyota Corona wagon comming soon also, I may paint and lower then take to JCCss ,I also have a soft spot for yotas ,had a 68 2dr red Corona i sold to Chicago.Only problem is I have to turn them.

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I have pics and just need to find time to get them all together. I don't mean to leave you in stitches but I put 2" blocks in the back and Hilux springs in the front. I have started cleaning up the grunge on the body too and its coming out nicely. I'm taking it to the JDM Legends show tomorrow so I will try to update everything tomorrow evening.

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Wheel test last week with my 15x7 +20 Rotas from the 510. Borrowed my friend's 30mm spacers showing how 15x7 -10 wheels would sit.






This car is quite solid and is truly a barn (ok, collapsing garage) find. The doors shut solid, the window scrapers are intact and the rear suspension u bolts aren't even rusted and came apart easier than any rear suspension I have taken apart. I can't remember if you had changed out the rear end, Joe? Threw in some 2" blocks and put my already cut Hilux springs in the front. Rear rides great and I haven't cut anything from the stops yet. Front is riding on the bumpstops now so I'm going to take them out and see how much more drop I get and if its functional. I may just cut a little more from the stock spring and put those back in. The stock and Hilux springs seem to be the same rate. I like the design of the front suspension. I think I can modify if needed down the road.


Before I unbolted everything.



Cut stock on the left. Already cut Hilux springs on the right.



Rotas with a 6mm spacer.




How it sits right now. Definitely needs some wheels :)



Since I live so close I shuttled all 3 of my vehicles to the JDM Legends Open House yesterday. The car had mixed reviews. Some loved it, some didn't understand it. I'll give them time, its early in the game.







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Its like Christmas! I'm still always amazed at how a set of wheels can totally transform a car.








I've always liked DR20s but they never quite fit on my 510. Got a great deal through Discount Tire Direct so I went for it. 15x7+0 with 195/50/15 Kumhos. Put a 6mm spacer in the back, rolled the fenders and its just about perfect. I love the fender arch on these cars. This is a very functional drop. I can still clear most everything and I have no wheel gap. Rides great. I think my wife will even ride in it. :D



After I cut the bump stops, it settled pretty low and rode pretty bad (not too bad considering, but it would get to you after a while) so I ended up taking the Hilux springs back out. I never would have been able to fit the +0 wheels at that height. I cut another 1/2 coil from the already cut stock springs and put them back in. This is where it sat with the Hilux springs:






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Forgot to mention this. First thing I saw when I got it off the trailer. Thanks Joe! The magnet made the transport trip just fine but now its on my dash since I don't want anyone to steal it.





I'm really liking this car. It is very reliable and I have been putting it to the test. For example, I had to install a new water heater last Friday. It fit with room to spare and the car put up with the stop and start running back and forth to the store that goes with any plumbing project. :)




I put on my old Yakima bike rack that I've had since '88. I really like the factory racks on these cars but I'm kinda glad this one does not have one so that it does not interfere with the bike rack.




On Father's day I chose to start the project of cleaning up the front end. It had the big '70s over riders and a 2" square bar that was welded between them at one point.




I had to trim the bumper brackets since I wasn't going to use the over riders. Since I have 2 bumpers, I used the brackets from the other bumper and cut them down.





While I had it all apart I chose the cleanest emblem and repainted it and then cleaned up the grilles.




Also threw a set of yellow lights on.





This weeks' project will be the front brakes. Got all the parts from Rock Auto sitting in a box ready to be tackled. Also, a friend gave me some air shocks so I will be installing those in the rear to help keep the fenders off the tires for the next load.

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