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72 240z full build with Rebello Racing 3.2 Stroker

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A bit of a story to get to where the project is now.


So for Christmas my mom bought my dad a 1973 Datsun 240z as a car project. We had just finished building my 1973 Chevelle and he really wanted to build a car. She sent one of my dad's friends to San Francisco to pick it up about a week or two before Christmas. The guy he got it from wanted to keep his American Racing wheels so he swapped them out before my dad's friend left with the car. Turns out the car wouldn't make it out of san francisco (turns out to be a bad voltage regulator) so it's towed. Once it's in Oakley, it goes to another one of my dad's friends houses where it sits in his side yard until Christmas.


After Christmas my dad wants me to follow him to his shop in the 240z where we plan on keeping it until it's a finished car. About half way there, I was going about 30 mph when the steering wheel did a 90 degree to the left, and locked there. I slammed into a tow truck about 3 or 4 times before the glass shattered and I was thrown across the center divide and onto the curb on the other side. It turned out the lug nuts weren't tightened all the way when it was purchased, and the front left wheel fell off. (No I didn't feel anything in the steering wheel before it happened)




The first thing we did after it was wrecked was go next door to Rebello's Racing since Dave Rebello is considered a legend when it comes to these cars, to assess the damage. He basically told us it was totaled, the frame horns had collapsed and we would need to repair the frame.


This didn't dampen my dad's spirits at all. If i recall correctly he was looking for another 240z that very night on craigslist. He struck gold when he found a rolling chassis of a '72 with a separate L motor included in Stockton for $600. Laser straight body in most areas with a moderate amount of rust, and had been in no collisions.




This brings me to where we are now. Skunk Works Acura suspension, and lots of metal and body work done. (posting photos now)


4/23/12 - The roll cage was just finished my Scott's Speed Works next to Rebello Racing and we should have it back soon to start test fitting the custom 15x10 D cut Diamond Racing wheels.


4/24/12 - Found a pic of the front Techno Tuning camber plate welded in on the passenger side



5/16/12 - Diamond Racing wheels test fitted



5/16/12 - Roll Cage Complete



5/16/12 - 3.2 stroker dynotuned at Rebello Racing


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I've seen the oics of that blue Z totaled on here before...

Was that you that posted them, Dat510?

Now you have an Oakley buddy on Ratsun!


Lol he is my buddy!!

I posted them yes, when he crashed way back when..

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You know after MM47(?)'s wheel came off while driving... I've been afraid to drive my Z no matter how often I make sure my lug's are tight.

Sucks that happened though, but at least it's a chance at a new life with a stroker.. lolz.

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You know after MM47(?)'s wheel came off while driving... I've been afraid to drive my Z no matter how often I make sure my lug's are tight.

Sucks that happened though, but at least it's a chance at a new life with a stroker.. lolz.


It happened because when we bought it the guy wanted to keep his american racing wheels, so he threw the stock ones on real quick and didn't tighten them all the way

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Eli if you have a photobucket, you can upload it to that and embed that here...

Hover the mouse over the image and copy the IMG code,then directly paste it here.

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Fucking LOVE it!!!! .. :cool: .. That first picture is surreal, it almost looks fake(like an illustration) ,, I'd love to do a photoshoot on this car, those color's and gloss/mat combo is WIN


You think you like how it looks...

Just wait till you hear it.

3 Mikuni's screaming for 5,000 cubic feet of air a second, almost creating a void in space..

Then you realize it's only idling :lol:

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I don't inderstand how cars this low/tight gap can drive. Turn the wheel, hit a bump and that fender is gone. Maybe I'm missing something?


Nice car though :)

very stiff suspension and maybe a little rub 

this car is bad ass 


sorry to drag this from the deep. But where are the brakes and clutch?

it has a reverse set up they are under the dash 

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