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Akumazedex S30

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Went to pick n pull yesterday, hella came up!

MSD 6A with some kind of rpm pick up module (no numbers on it)



I'll be ditching the HEI for this. Cleaner install and I'll have my tach back!


Oh, and a 50 anniversary grill badge off an l series maxima

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Greeting ratsun! After a long hiatus its finally back! I got me some of them coilover thingys. Last time you saw it, it probably looked somethung like this, fine piece of japanese classic engineering. But a bit too tall 20131112_071201_zpswcyy7dur.jpg


So I did what any sensible person would do an dropped it down a bit. So it was time to go into the shop



Took some things apart, fixed somethings like by worn to shit brakes an wheel bearings



Then I decided it wassnt loud enough and cut out the stock resonator and replaced the old muffler with a poop can



Did some imagining about how it might look like dropped





At which point I got around to actually installing these things, im pretty sure I dont need to show you guys the whole instal since its been done a million times already so heres some pics





What im using is the megan/mckinney setup. I opted to not use the weld in camber plates cuz I think they look messy and not structurally sound. So ill be using the GC ones when I get some money after the holidays.


And this is what we ended up with. The front can go about another 1.5 inches lower with the camber plates installed and the rear you can lay frame






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Hahaha, haver them machined. You show me a shop that will machine all that, press in studs, anodize and include hardware {x2} for $350. Cracking me up.


Btw, looking good bro. Maybe a hair lower in the front but looking good!

What do you mean press in studs? I don't think we're thinking the same thing...

I'm thinking literally just a plate with adjustment slots that the top hat fits into and can adjust from there.

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^ hahaha! Yeah... zelda fanboy since forever lmao.


Yeah, if you look a page back, I got some bolt in camber plates but they wont work with the coils I have, maybe ill see if I can work with those. Or even use them as a template. Ionno. Ill figure something out.


The front will drop another inch or so when I get the camber plates in. Theyre maxed out right now in front, if MOAR LOW Is needed you can swap in scooby front bodies in since theyre shorter.

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Since I have a bad habit of going on a hiatus here's what's going down with the zed.


Gave up on the L series due to high cost with little return to build it the way I wanted to. Soooooo.....













All in all pretty decent, couple rusted freeze plugs and the coolant passages are pretty rusty from sitting around, but we can work with that. Currently have a bunch of maintenance items on the way and gaskets to reseal the motor. That's pretty much it for now. Will post up when progress is made lol.

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Awesome glad your back, those were the RB20's from the 200zr (Z31) in japan right? Don't know how much you paid but there's a RB25 in SoCal that is selling for $1500 $1200 without the custom made oil pan.

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Awesome glad your back, those were the RB20's from the 200zr (Z31) in japan right?


I thought most of them came from base model Skylines?


I think the Z31-chassis 200ZR came with a VG20E. 

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