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*Stolen* ProjectFeint 610

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How to change diff fluid like a G


Step 1: Loosen bottom drain plug and leak fluid all over the floor then position container under diff to catch the few remaining drops of oil




Step 2: open your sweet bottle of synthetic GL-5 that will undoubtedly give you +10 horsepower over conventional





Step 3: Place hose through hole in trunk




Step 4: Insert hose into top fill plug and remember to tighten on bottom drain plug




Step 5: Fill diff until it overflows from the fill plug and torque it to whatever spec you want because you are too cool for torque specs.




Step 6: Clean up and enjoy the +20 horsepower your buttdyno says you just gained


Tip: jack the front of the car up when draining to level the car thus getting more of the old fluid out

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How to change diff fluid like a G


Tip: jack the front of the car up when draining to level the car thus getting more of the old fluid out


Also pays to do this while filling it, otherwise you'll put too much in.   ;)

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NO WAY!!!!  Thats a complete bummer man.  I would keep an eye in the Mexico CL since your so close too and I always watch the CL up here.  I hope you find it in one piece and it was just someone who wanted to take it for a joy ride than ditch it...  

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Thanks I will keep that in mind, it's hard to believe that anyone would try to drive over those speedbumps through the mexican border in my car. and if they trailer it they would have to go through secondary inspection... Not to mention the car essentially runs an open header and sticks out like a sore pimple >.>

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Lol cool! I have seen that guy walk by once; I remember his dog XD


:( Car got stolen this morning around 6:30... If anyone see's any 610 parts for sale that might look like they may be from my car please pm me.


Will update if found...

Connected? He did do a great job of outlining where you live and posting your license plate for all to view in HIS blog... Just saying.


Shucks man, hope you find her soon :(

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This friday the 13th is the worst in a long time!  So much bad things have been happening....


I hope this guy gets whats coming.  Just read threw your thread and man.. SO much love into this car.  I hope its all there in one piece

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Police are stretched thin and mostly useless at best. Their attitude is.... it's like a stolen bike, it'll turn up (or not) and what's insurance for anyway???? This is fine for an old Civic or a new car. I don't think anyone these days is that involved (in love) with the shit that is produced and there's plenty of replacements, right?


So that leaves it up to US to look after our property all by ourselves. It's only prudent to lock them up and instal some king of theft deterrence. You can't prevent a determined thief from stealing your car... but why make it easy for them? A kill switch is the best bang for the buck. Locking the doors will deter the casual thief. A car alarm is 3rd or 4th for obvious reasons.

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This sucks! I hope you get it back in one piece. What a-hole steals a guys car a week and a half from Christmas? Seriously!!!


Crack heads don't celebrate Xmas.. This is a busy time of the year for them..


Sucks man, Hope you find it soon....

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