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Soooo, ever since I became datsunless I had purchased this gti from my brother. We plan on turning it into a weekened warrior type rally car. I recognize that it it front wheel drive and an awd conversion is completely out of the question, so we are kicking it old school like how things were before audi dominated the sport lol. Anyways, it is a simple 8v and we plan on swapping it with the 16v, have some 9in hellas that will soon be mounted, getting all terrain tires tomorrow, mudflaps are in the mail. It is on coilovers (which we think will be an issue (doing more research on recommened suspension) the pictures shown are old, I had raised it since then. If we wanna get super crazy, we have a pal that builds roll cages and would give us a killer deal. There is much more to come as we go along, just working around with lots of ideas.






Ideas are appreciated! I know its not pretty

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It doesn't have to be pretty to be a rally car! It's going to get smashed to shit eventually anyways. :lol:

I like it, and I love rally, so I say go for it.



..And post more pictures.


I expect to see this happening soon. :lol:

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Ill post more pics today when I get it back. She's at the tire shop right now gettin some new meats! I was doing my research last night. 8v's can be tuned up to 155hp, so I was thinking about doing that. Then finding a turbo kit possibly...

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Dont bother with a 16v.


Just cam the 8v. You can make an 8v perform as well as the 16v for little and it is less of a headache if things ever go wrong.


Those cars rock as rally cars.

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I have a set of new wheel bearings and perhaps a performance cam for that car. Let me know if you want me to look for them. They've been buried since 1998.


The GLI had a split down pipe, worth a couple of hp, the cam really made it come to life at about 3500. A short throw shift kit makes a big difference. I think I still have the Grassroots Motorsports performance build article from back then. It had all of the good piece swap items from the junkyard that would improve performance. I could make copies if you want. Ran my GLI to about 212k miles of hard driving and it never caused me any problems. Sold it, was still running like a top.

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Rock an 8V. If you want good cheap power, get a 2.0 short block from a MKIII and put a 1.8 JH solid lifter head on it. Its 16mm higher than your block now but will easily fit in a MKII. Everything bolts right in no problem. Some people run knock box setups, some don't depending on tuning. FYI, 16V's bolt right in too.


Your power is really in the head though. If you run the head above, change the valve and guides to 7mm vs. 8mm and go a size bigger. You can do this with out changing the seats, you just have to relap them. Run a 272 or larger cam with your existing throttle body.


If your stuck on the 16V, your going to need some donor stuff, but as stated above, best to find an Automatic Passat.

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