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move from for sale (it wont run right)


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ok this is what i have going on. it starts... weak sometimes it needs a starter but thats an easy fix. after it starts it idles rough and if i dont stay on the gas it dies once it warms up a bit it still idles the same as it did when i first started it but when i give it gas i hardly revs at all. i go to put it in gear it dies. its an auto by the way dont know if that makes a differance. it ran and drove home it just wouldnt rev very high so it was slow going out of first but built up speed as i went. first thing i did when i got it home was check the plugs they were a little dark but nothing realy bad. checked one plug at a time as not to misplace the correct plug to wire. went to start it and its been down hill since. any ideas? HELP its got to run soon or it will have to be sold because i dont have room for a rig that wont run. thanks

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because i dont have room for a rig that wont run????

Yo got to time it and adjust the carb and maybe the choke. Try these first and it wont cost you nothing. But then again most Datsun owners dont own a timming light either.


If it a later L20 with pollution equip ck for leaks


adjust the valves, ck the cap and rottor



Is the batt going dead then you have a short or bad alt and running the car/truck down

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