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Do it in a Datsun License Frame

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Hey guys,


I was digging through my storage and found a few more of these. I had these made a few years ago. Made in the USA. Cast metal that is triple chrome plated with the lettering cast into the metal. Blue background with white letters.


I thought they were all gone but I have 6 of them left.


Only $25 each plus $5 shipping in the Continental USA.


email me for shipping to other areas.


Let me know if you have any questions.





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Hey everyone. I just got through digging through my attic. I found 10 more.

This seems like a ploy.


"Limited supply! Buy quick!!!... oh wait now I mysteriously have more. Limited supply! Buy quick!!!" <_<





JK, I dont really care. I bought two to rock. Thanks!

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It weird that with how liberal people are today compared to years ago when that saying came out, people these days say something. You would think that it would have been faux pas back then and not now... I still love mine so I wont take them off.

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