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L320 and NL320 rear window gaskets


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OK guys, I am wondering how many of you 320 pickup owners would be interested in a rear window gasket.

I am sending a couple of gaskets down to the man for size examples for the NL320 and the L320, as they are differant windows(the NL is wider), it does make it a little more difficult to order, as I have to guess how many of each.

As far as I know they will be $120.00 each, plus shipping($15.00 except AK/HI), same as the windshield gaskets($120.00 + shipping($15.00 except AK/HI), as they are the same profile, and made out of the same gasket, at least that is what I have been told, one of the other reasons I am sending down examples.

So let me know if your interested by replying to this thread.

If I have left out any important info, please let me know and I will edit this post.

Thankyou wayno

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I talked to the man yesterday, he has ordered 10 gaskets, so when they come in he is going to call me, and that is when I am supposed to tell him how many to make of each, so far 7 of the 10 gaskets being ordered for the rear glass are spoken for, and all the windshield gaskets are spoken for, so if you need any 320 front or rear window gaskets for your ride, speak up, because if I need to order more, I should order them soon.

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I test fitted the NL320 gasket onto the NL rear window glass, what a bitch, but I finally got it on there.





It seems like it doesn't seat well in the corners, but when you pull the seal out where it would be when mounted in the cab hole, then it looks good.

I found part of the old NL320 rear window cab frame I cut up to get the old seal out without destroying it so it could be copied, I sorta pushed it into place, and the gasket sits as it should.







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Hey wayno I'm new to this forum from Australia, if you have any NL320 rear window gaskets left I'd love to get one off you, thanks


I have one, but it might be cheaper for you to get yours from "old scotts rubber" over there if they have them.

Let me know what you want to do.



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are windscreens available anywhere for the 320?



I forgot to check into that, you said oakland california, do you have a zipcode/address? PM me with it.

I had a bunch of 320 windshields cut last december, I have 4 of them left for sale, I want $400.00 for a windshield, plus packaging and shipping, which is done at the UPS store, packaging, shipping, and insurance has been averaging about $150.00 each shipment.

I had these cut from other vehicles windshields, I don't know what windshield was used, that's his secret, but you might be able to have one cut for less money over there if you can find someone that does that type of work.

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