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So many parts, i dont know where to start.

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Couple things first, I'm just starting this now so its there.


I'm going to help a local guy sell his hoarde. He lives the town over, but I drive past his place once a week so I can help him move parts.



Stuff is for sale, and when I get a chance I will give you a price. I will ship, you pay.


I'm doing this for the datsun community, so we can keep them on the road a bit longer.






Price for parts as they come to me


There are no 620 tachs unfortunately


NO 510 parts.


A lot of Z parts including engines and wheels.


L20 oil pan 20

620 gas tank 20

620 clock 5

Interior panels in ok condition 10 each

Z car fenders a couple pieces left 50 each

620 part trucks go from between $400-500 each


Transmissions vary between $100-175

L and Napz 4 and 5 speeds. Including a couple doglegs which I believe will need a re-build.


Mostly 620, l20 and z stuff. He has EVERYTHING. Post in here what you are looking for, and I will check his inventory. Have patience with me please as I am not getting paid for this, have a full time job and a lot of hobbies.


I will get more details every week on what he has, but for now I'm going to post a few photos as an example.


















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Haha.......wait till I get a picture of the seat and wheel collection.....

I would be interested in an l20b series duel weber manifold set up if he had one

I have carbs just need manifold and linkage

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Cool I'm taking notes on what everyone asks for, and I will pm you when I've got an answer.


Again I appreciate the patience!



Trucks are for sale, none are running. I will get better pics of each individual vehicle next time.

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I thought I was a hoarder......

I have to step up my game.

I would say I'm interested in the 521's bumper... but for the cost of shipping i might as well go up there...

I can't though... so i guess that leaves me with just the thought

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Well Zack, that certainly is quite the collection your newfound friend has! My first and foremost question (as is most I bet) is this~ Is his stuff priced with a Ratsun mindset, or is this his retirement fund? Just for shits-n-giggles [and to give us an idea]~ what's he want for fenders, doors, or maybe an L20B? What else specifically does he have besides his 620 collection, and two 52x's? Inquiring minds....

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