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Kingpin Rebuild - mklotz70


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I would think that would be way too hard. The way the lower fulcrum pin works is that it actually moves with the threads....so there has to be an expand/contract ability. I'd probably look at EPDM or silicone Have a simple donut cut that would fit snugly over the pin and be squished a bit when installed. Gasket Specialties on Airportway in Portland could do it.

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I was just placing an order for hardware for the roadster brake kits, so I added a package of the felt washers. Probably be about a week before I get them. We'll see how they look/fit when they come in. If I continue to run kingpins, I may use them too.

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I checked the link. I'm guessing your "other idea" is the dropped kingpin spindle. I've thought about it over the years. It would be a semi-fun kind of project, but I decided to go ball joint instead. If you want to pay time/materials, I'll build a set for you, but it's going to be at least a couple of months before I'm able to start anything else.


That didn't look like heater hose. Maybe me think of bike tire tubes for a 10 speed. I supposed heater hose would work just fine. Are you going to try that? I'd rather not spend another $15-18 on washers that won't get used. The bigger ones are almost 4x's the cost.

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They use those bands, if you can't find the bands, then I think they refer to the heater hose. I'm looking at doing more cross breeding I actually just ordered something that may work. I'll let you know how it fairs against some other the other ideas. http://www.thewedges...-pin-lower-mgb/ I ordered 20 of them. Figured if they don't work can always use for something else. If they do, then I'll have few to spare for some fellow members. Cheap enough.


And yes, it was the dropped kingpin. Same here, I thought about it for awhile. I really wanted to do a kingpin flip as it's way oldskool. But I'm a patient soul, so I'm all in if your willing to participate. I have a few spare kingpin rebuild kits too that we could use. This project would deserve the NOS Nissan set that I have. WIth the Z'd arms and dropped kingpins, the right shocks and a semi-loose torsion bar, the ride could be so vonderfull...insert german accent!!

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If the dimensions are right, that would be a great option. I'll hold off on any more washers until we see what you find out. Instead of felt, I could have Gasket Specialties cut them out of EDPM or Nitrile. I'm sure they'd want about an $80 order.


You'd have to run some pretty big rims to handle the Z'd arms and the dropped spindles!!!

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Well, Spring is back, so time to ressurect this thread for the summer season. It's time for some vintage old skool suspension reworks.


Well, the offset seals I ordered for an MG were about 5mm too large. No good. So now back to alternatives. The rubber seals were offset to accomidate both diameter differences. Time for some google...

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Hmm....not sure.  By "bushing", I'm picturing some hard like bronze, but with the way the pin moves back and forth in the arms, I'm  not sure that would work.  Maybe an Oring in there to fill the gap? 

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I was just re-reading this a bit.....the heater hose might work......actual heater hose.  Hmm....you know that silicone tape that seals to itself?  Might be able to just wrap some of that around the joints once it's all together.  It would seal pretty well and still give with the movement.  We've used it at work for big electrical connections.  Made by 3M.

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That's the only part of my puzzle left...I think. I was leaning back towards that heater hose as well. I was also thinking about stacking rubber washers to meet the various I.D. / O.D. but I think that would be a weak link if they dried out. I was also thinking about finding a cam / crank seal (or the like) that was a near fit and seeing what if anything could be done with that. <---Not necessarily Nissan, but anything engine (lawn mower, weedeater, etc.)


The goal for the summer is to get the suspension and brakes complete front to back, shocks included. For me that's huge LOL.

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Mike, I found the solution to the lower kingpin seals. I decided to revisit it today.


I ordered a few of these back in November: http://britishpartsdirect.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=aaa1323&product_id=811


So directly, they don't fit BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>


On the old seals, remove them off the kingpins:




Take the old slip ring off the seal. I had to use a razor to remove decent. I'll media blast next. It should look like this:





The MGB small side will go on this. It's a snug fit:






The large side will sit over the trunnion sleeves in the control arm. These seals are about 1.5mm larger than the trunnion sleeve, but it will sit flush against the back edge sealing the dust out. The trunnion sleeve will keep it in place. The left one does not have the slip ring, the right does. Re-assemble, done.




I have 2 extra sets if someone is willing to pay for shipping, Mike has dibs first though.


PROBLEM SOLVED. Hope this helps someone in the future. "The oldskool trunnion MGB Mod".

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I've been doing some editing in this thread.  Figured I'd drop a link to a more recent thread about the cotter bolts for the lower fulcrum pins.  There's also a bit of info about the seals....like the ones shown above.



I also have 40+ sets of king pin kits on hand. Check my site for info bluehandsfab.com


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