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Oic Whores........................

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This pics not perfect at all, but it's the right spot and using the same lens (which I acquired recently and so don't have that many photos with it yet).. stupid seagull wouldn't move at all... chased him away twice 


I liked the seagull...   :rofl:

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here are some pix, most taken with sony a5000 unless noted. this my 280z.

this one is from a night out on Woodward

21439978164_a8c50aeff6_o.jpg_DSC4428 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr


taken with my phone actually (Droid TURBO)

21233070161_47983060b7_o.jpgIMG_20150830_183812185 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr


i started a car club on campus, few pics of the members rides i took.

21530994211_a2c795d57f_o.jpg_DSC4018 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

22876203925_2fc3ab742b_o.jpgmerc21 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

22457856967_563c7da52b_o.jpgmerc17 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

24422970185_f326bbba30_o.jpg_DSC5655 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr


im a wheel whore

21208305898_31d1020740_o.jpg2015-09-13_07-35-40 by Evan Serilla, on Flickr

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And if we have any toyota guys around here, you'll appreciate what he had lying in the shed out back...











The red car aka Cherry Poppins just gave up her 16 valve 4A-GE for a 20 valve silvertop unit. The 3s in the shed was originally intended to go in Cherry but the 16v has been giving up and she's a daily so a more bolt in swap became necessary. The white mr2 (aka Shittier Bang Bang) was a car he picked up cheap, used some of his spares to get cleaned up and running nice and is in the process of being sold. The Corolla is another buddies who came out for MR2 shenanigans. Seeing this much Toyota in one place made me really miss my first gen 4Runner... :(

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