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nikki carburetor mixture levels


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Great. You have the right carb.


When setting the idle mixture on any carb, start with the float level. The great thing about Datsun carbs is they include the sight glass, so the fuel level can be checked at a glance.


With the engine running the fuel level should be within 1mm of the line. If not, the float must be adjusted as the level affects the mixture.


Next, warm the engine fully.


Ensure the choke is off


Set idle speed to 700 rpm


Turn mixture screw out (anticlockwise) 1/2 turn at a time until engine runs slower.


Turn mixture screw in (clockwise) 1/2 turn at a time until engine runs slower. Then back it out slightly until is runs fastest.


Engine may now be running too fast. Reset idle speed screw for 700 rpm. Adjust mixture again.


You are done.

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