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"Lola" the 620 (now with moar oics!)


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In case anyone is interested in some of the other vehicles Ive drove over the last 10 years... here ya go













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oh yes.. that was fun. I kept getting pulled over, either they wanted to hassle me about driving it, or ask me how the fuck I even got it. One of my bosses owned it, he got it in a group buy when he bought his Lancia Delta integrale

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Flipping means to put one or more bottom leaves on the top of the pack.


I meant actually flipping the entire unit, but good to know

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my god I bet that thing was A BLAST to drive

 It was a little funky with the turbo/carb setup. It never really drove nice aroudn town

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I honestly dont miss this


when I got it, It had the sneakiest vacuum leak I could never find





but it had a NISMO front mount, so I didnt really care 



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No seat stealing!


so this month got reaaaaaal expensive


so first we had the mattress, $2k, then we bought a 2006 jeep cherokee lifted with the v8 hemi $16k and now we are buying ANOTHER HOUSE.





luckily I did take some more pictures of the truck last weekend when I got the bed put back on :)















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I would switch them before you do a lot of rain driving.  Increases your chances of hydroplaning 

It was just to get it rolling again. I wont be driving the truck for another month or two.... or 3

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I plan on going lower at some point when I get the truck back and get some 240z flares on it. they are either 2 or 3"

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