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U95 vs. U67

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first off, ratsun has been the most helpful iformation database for me while playin with datsuns the past couple years.


i have a U95 L20B block with an A87 219 sss head and 4 barrel mikuni carburators. with Z pistons, high lift cam,

and 9: 1: compression.


is a U67 block from a pick-up a better powerplant than the U95 block from a car???


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Maybe I can help you by writing what I think, but dont know. Than someone can correct me. I have blocks that are Two different colors. Datsun blue, and gold. I just put a U95 block in my truck, that was origanaly gold, after removing a U67 block that was blue.


The U95 appeared to have siamesed cylinders and said MK1 on the side. Other than that, they look the same. I also have a couple of L18's that are gold. I think the gold ones were Imported crate engines from Japan. So maybe the U95 is what was in overseas Datsuns, and U67 is for US market Datsuns. Or maybe it is just a car/truck thing. Anyone?

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I was helping research redstar620's thread on the M1 and I found "M1 on LD20 on the intake/exhaust side of the block" It's in the 10th reply for a hybridZ conversation on "M" notation on L-series blocks? https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/74905-m-notation-on-l-series-blocks/


The diesel LD20 was a modified petrol engine.

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