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Bosozoku, Yay or Nay?


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Just curious if anyone else is into the Bosozoku, Grachan and Kaido-Racer styling.

I'm doing up my 620 in a slight bosozoku styling.... untill i end up spraying it then i'll just revert back to mostly stock/lowered/wheels.

Mocked my oil cooler today, and it came across my mind.... if anyone else has the same taste in styling please post pics!






Mounted... still need other line.



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My header won't let me go any lower right now, i'll be swapping it out for a stock manifold and lowering about another inch enough to eliminate gap completely, Wide wheels it already has 11s in the back. :P


I've got some bubble flares, don't know if i want to throw them on or not yet....

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Yay. I love boso but I just cringe when I see people go "all out" boso cars as unique as Skylines but to each their own. Datsuns are ideal for boso mods though.


I challenge you to do a sharknose with big single square tilted mean headlamps.


Without something like victory or lighting bolt pipes, I would simply consider an oil-cooler showing to be Shakotan style. That's just me though.

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I threw up a little...


But to each their own...most people see my car and tell me to lower it and put big wheels on it or small wheels with stretched tires...I would rather push it off a cliff...but hey, if it makes you happy, that is all that matters. Customizing is supposed to be about self expression and what you think looks good and works for you. If it was supposed to be about popularity, very few of us would be driving datsuns, right?

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Low and wide though...gotta do it right ;) 14x11J Mk1's no less! Clearance the header to go lower!

Gonna hook up the cooler or leave it as "kazari"? My friends in Japan don't hook them up so they can remove easily when they get pulled over :lol:


Would be interesting to see takeyari pipes on the 620 but wouldn't be practical if you actually use the bed.

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You need a SEV Marchal sticker randomly placed somewhere. Slit spoiler out back? Lower profile fender mirrors!

Long nose 620 would be crazy. You'd need all of the other elements to pull it off though.

I love the zokusha/kaido racer style...

Don't get me started!

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