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mrbigtankers 521


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It seems you never have time to do anything.work work work.


Dude i feel ya. I still haven't had a chance to take my drive shaft to get balanced. more pics!

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The only thing i did so far was the starter the fuel pressure regulator and i against some of the friends i have here i put back the fan and shroud.Mine is clutchless and my shroud is in cherry condition so i thought why buy a electric fan and run more wires if it aint doing me really any good,besides whats running the fan a 2hp loss i can deal with that.And with the 3 core radiator i think i will be fine shape,talking with John he has the same radiator and his car runs very very cool.Just bought longer wheel studs so getting those machined right now so i can install,i need to take the pitman arm off and idler arm off to drill the taper on the bottom so i can flip the drag link to clear the oil pan.Also want to get some nice bucket seats and redo my interior in leather and suede.My interior is all new but i want to do it again.Im not painting it right now so i just want the patina look until i strip it down and paint it.

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So nothing to report as of now other then i got the new wheel studs being machined i have the pitman arm and idler arm out for re-drilling so i can flip the drag link for cleraence of the oil pan.Started wiring up the truck i got juice flowing but now the blinker/horn fuse keeps blowing and it seems like the accessory is always on,i need to figure this out.I bought nice turbo clamps for the radiator hoses and what do you know there just a little to fuckin big.Any body got good ideas on were to mount the fuel filter and fiel pump,i was thinking outside the frame rails because they are billet but i thought it might be a little lame to.just few more things and i will be burning up the town.

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So took a ass shot to show you guys her rear nothing special,did the yellow high beams i think it looks pretty cool,took a picture of the dash to show what it looks like of course the steering wheel is not on because im still doing the the drag link,i dont know what oil pan i have but we flipped it and still does not clear.Battery is mounted in the bed nothing special again just a nice billet mount and yellow top.still need to mount the damm fuel pump and filter and run the new fuel line,got some wiring still to look at and hook up the throttle linkage and it should be on the road.

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photo-55.jpgAnd i don't know what fucking oil pan i got but i reversed the drag link and still no luck so,i'm going big its going to be cut and weld the end joints and i will have all the space i need and no more problems.I hope? It's such a over kill.
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I believe this is the correct oil pan for a 521. with an L16. i forget, do you have an L20?



I had the same problem when i got mine. My motor had a 510 oil pan and it also rubbed the center link and it sat on the cross member. did some searching and found the correct one.


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Well what's funny about this is I got the motor from guy who had it in a 521 .so when I went to al Allen and we matched it up with one of the ceramic coated pans he had and it matched so I thought I was in the good well I guess not so fuck it it staying and I will make the the new drag link work.

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Well what's funny about this is I got the motor from guy who had it in a 521 .so when I went to al Allen and we matched it up with one of the ceramic coated pans he had and it matched so I thought I was in the good well I guess not so fuck it it staying and I will make the the new drag link work.



The thing about people selling engines is that maybe the engine was in a 521, but when it was pulled, he might have needed the oilpan for the replacement engine, or a buddy might have needed it, so the oilpan was removed and replaced with whatever was around, and in there mind the engine came out of a 521, a L20b oilpan looks really close, but the sump is slightly farther forward, just enough to interfere with the center link, I have not a clue what a 510 oilpan looks like.

I beleave the oilpan on the right is a L16, and the left is a L20b(620).


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Thanks Wayno that one on the left is my oil pan,like i was saying though it just came out of the truck actually the guy johnny521 with the slammed 521 with the nice weld jobs.



That truck was a total custom setup, he quite likely had to change the whole steering geometry to slam it like that, I have not been on that thread in a while, as he had so many photos in his thread, that it would lock up my computer. :(

When I put my LZ23 into the 521 work truck, I screwed up and put an L20b oilpan on the engine, after it was all in, I tried to put the idler arm back into position, and it wouldn't fit :confused:, that added two hours to the engine R&R.

You can remove the oilpan and replace it with the correct one without removing the engine, but it is a pain.

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You know wayno I was going to do it but it's in there and I figured screw it I bought that new drag link set up and I'm going to do it.but I hear you and your right it's the 510 oil pan if you look back at my pictures you will see it better on the engine stand.you know to be honest I. Should swap it but in my crazy noggin I got to feel like I'm moving forward.and it was in his truck when he picked it up from the guy in Arizona when it was stock so go figure.but thanks again for the insight photos.

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