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2 hours ago, mrbigtanker said:

Working in a Refinery, I asked these questions to one of are many engineers that specialize in metallurgy and was told I will be fine providing once removed for any reasons install new ones as yes threads get weak if pulled and re installed. Its lie Duct tape, its strong until you tare it.


This makes little sense. Sure, the threads could strip I guess, but the major reason not to is the low shear strength of the bolt shank, and that has little to do with the number of installations. If you install nice yellow zinc grade 8 bolts, the plating holds up well, and you'll have no issues with bolts breaking. 


If the engine puts down the power you say it will, better function over form, especially on anything chassis related. 


Besides, you left a big thumb print on that swaybar mount, so now the whole truck is ruined.

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I used to work at a company that cast parts for gas turbine engines (Jet engines), medical implants, and other similar applications.   Many parts were made from stainless steel.  There are many different types of stainless steel.  

Steel gets it's strength from alloying with carbon.  The problem is higher carbon steels tend to rust easier.   If you want to make inexpensive stainless steel, you take out some carbon, and then you need less of other rare elements, like chromium to make the steel not rust as easily.

Some of the "stainless steels" I worked with had a tinsel strength of over 100,000 pounds per square inch, at 1200 degreed F.

You can get weak stainless steel bolts, and you can get strong ones, for more money.


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I’m aware of different types of stainless. We regularly use 17-4PH in applications where we need high strength. It’s just that the common 18-8 and 316 stainless fasteners are gummy as hell. You can get exotic stainless fasteners, but at ~$15/each? No thanks. 

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