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23 minutes ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Stick with a non-metallic paint. Simple colors fit the character of these vintage Datsun trucks better than anything flashy. The same green is a great color, but don't you have enough of those in your collection? Maybe time to switch it up.

Just the wagon and truck though right?

I'm trying to convince him to flip the pattern on his coupe to 524/525 red on the outside with pistachio guts 😄 

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1 hour ago, BrothersGarage said:

The whole build is awesome, but I still marvel at that work to relocate the gas door access and how well it was done. 

Very simple indeed. The bed is so straight. Next will be the cab of course. 

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6 hours ago, Charlie69 said:

On the trailer with the truck!  LOL

This is so old already.

1 hour ago, gene knight said:

Cuz since you have fuel cell where spare tire would go, i was wondering where spare tire goes

No spare tire. 

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5 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

If it's a vehicle that will probably never get more than a hundred miles from home, no spare needed. Especially if you have AAA or a trailer sitting at home.

Thank you. thats what i am saying. I cant change a tire anyway, it will need a tow truck.lol

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