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Thanks this is a brand new set from Weber.the manifold is a cannon but i had it grinded off when i had it polished .Looks way better.


hey amigo brackets are almost ready, John is older like me

you are young and have more time left

I will take you to in and out for a burger to celebrate after i finish your brackets

thanks for the witting

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Got the intake back all polished up and dist.Mocking it up vent tube installed had to grind down the header for clearence.Taking the crank pulley off and replacing it with a single groove one and having that water pump pulley and alternator bracket powder coated silver i think it will make the motor stand out in that dark engine compartment.


Very nice dual carburetor.The faster.

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Juan or krec he's on here a couple posts back.he does these for 510/240/521/620 he does really good work.I bought the other set before I think by beebani it was ok but this kit is so much more form fitting it cost a bit more, but so much more of a custom look.plus wilwood is in Velencia and there pretty easy to deal with.another thing is so many shops carry there parts,so it's nice not having to go junkyards and swap meets.

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I work for BP[arco] refinery.We shut down are unit and rebuild it.So we make a shit load of money and rebuild the unit.Because we run them for 5-6 years and the heat exchangers foul and coolers and we redo any lines or pipes for that matter that are corroding.So with that being said we double crews and work almost everyday 12 hour plus shifts for at least a month straight.

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