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How's your dash pad?


Its all re rapped in leather.Thats just a dash cover i had made years ago.If you look close i got the red hazard knob locking glove box.All the inside is new except the headliner.And that is in perfect shape still thinking of bucket seats but will see.

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First off the dash cover is cloth not carpet and i agree but with not having it on but i leave it on because the truck parks outside so its there for protection.The red knob is not that big of deal but they are hard to come by and i will post pictures of the bed when its done,its just going to be metal work that im going to leave until time for body work and paint.And then the coil overs are going on,now im thinking of 4 linking it and running 10" wheels out back,call me crazy but im crazy.

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No not yet.I have had not the time to install them.but I got everything to do it.I would just do it everyone I know that has is so happy with the ride.I still want to tub it widen the back wheels and paint already more then likely some red from Datsun of that year or close.the green is nice but I want it to just pop when I drive it.

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It looks good, I am happy to see the rear skirt was also ajusted to look proper, this is what the factory should have done in the first place.

Until you get ready to paint it, just smooth it out, prime it, and go to the paint store and have them match the color in a rattle can and paint it the same color as the rest of the truck, you will be much happier till paint day comes, unless paint day is coming soon.

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Thanks guys I will primer it and it is smooth,and paint is coming sooner then later now,and sergent yes I'm up the road from you,and I work for BP in Carson at the refinery right off of the 405 and willmington.And tonight is the IE Datsun meet you should go.And wayno it's going to be red yes I said it red,I love red but something of tht year.

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