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haha, what doesn't make sense? Guns & trucks are like peas & carrots..... even if it is a mini truck :lol:


And yeah, I think many of us can feel ya on shit not going as planned with the projects. Fucking Datsuns.... worse than kids being a pain in your ass and throwing a wrench in the mix around every turn!

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haha, what doesn't make sense? Guns & trucks are like peas & carrots..... even if it is a mini truck :lol:


No no. The fact that he can't spend money.......yet he can buy guns......




.....cracks me up :rofl:





......guns aren't cheap.......and neither is ammo





.....unless you're plinking with a .22 :P

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Ohh. Although, I read it that he was trying to spend money..... but since he can't spend it on the truck with the guy at jury duty, that he's just going to go buy some guns 'n shit instead :rofl: Sounds like something my husband would say.... if we had money :blush:

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Well i ordered my coil overs today.There i spent 500.00 bucks,i feel better now.


That's more like it!!





Plus i bought a kick around gun so i feel better now.


Is it rude to be curious?? Do tell...


....I usually don't feel better till there's bullet holes in something.....but the anticipation is exciting!!

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It is tiny....never held one.


I'm not a big guy but I got big hands.......glocks feel small in my paws.


I like 1911's....want one...probably my next handgun purchase....my boss has one from the early 1900's his uncle left him......amazing how accurate it is.

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So did nothing to my truck today but i had this old Bose sound system that i paid a shit of load of money on with the jewel cube speakers and what have you so i just wired it up in my garage today and all i can say is WOW,i am the party man on my block that is for sure.

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So yes torsion bars go bye bye,coil overs up front and i have another idea for my rear end that i will need to get costs first before i mention it.But if i dont do what i would like to do on the rear end then change shocks to Qa1' and call it a day.Tomorrow the truck goes in finally to lower the bed skirts.

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