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how it looked before.going 2.3 big bore by Al Allen from Datsun parts,all new Wilwood brakes by Juan or Krecs,new TrueForged wheels 17x7,18x7 in rear cleaning up engine compartment and rest of truck.will update photos as time moves on.Will not paint right now want to get back on the road to enjoy.

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What's the specs on the wilwood rotors?

They are 12 inch rotors custom made by juan or krecs.its a 2 part rotor in that he makes the top hats from scratch.i met you once at the inland empire datsun meet.i think you met juan to.i wil call him and have him chime in i all the needs or wants if any one is interested.

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I got between polishing motor carbs fuel pump radiator and what have you about 4500.00 so far.but I spent way more then you need to I just wanted to I guess get as brand new as possible.you figure between brakes all the engine stuff and new wheels and tires on the way I spent about another 8500-9500.00 and I still need to do my coil overs up front.

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Got the intake back all polished up and dist.Mocking it up vent tube installed had to grind down the header for clearence.Taking the crank pulley off and replacing it with a single groove one and having that water pump pulley and alternator bracket powder coated silver i think it will make the motor stand out in that dark engine compartment.

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