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66' 520 build


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Yeah, I closed down the shop a few months ago, hence the title change. Your more than welcome to stop by next time your in the area. Since the truck is back home, you can check out the whole fleet! Thread is pretty current. I'll have some more pics this weekend hopefully. Concentrating on polishing up the grill. That's a lot of chrome for such a small truck!



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this would be a great addtion if it will work . I got some specs from DUI and they seemed corect.

this distributor would allow endless mechanical timming adjustments as many diferent springs and weight kits are available. I am going with the redone matchbox for now due to lack of funds. It would look good on your truck! great build. I had my J1300 cam reground by Oregon Cam Grinders. 360-256-7985

they are fast and affordable 91.0 buck shipped to Arizona. they can regrind any cam. they put a split

patern on mine. One more bit I found was head mill specs. mg guys mill 100 even 120 off head then make rockshaft shims. i took only 80k off mine and had a CNC friend make shims. Cool truck!

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More progress pics.












Spent last week polishing the grill. Came out pretty good for almost 50 year old chrome. For what it would cost me to re-chrome it, the polish will have to do. I am taking the front bumper and all the interior door hardware in for chrome and have an appointment in 2 weeks to take it in for upholstery. Next update in about a month.



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I cut a piece of sheet metal the size of the original retaining ring, found a pipe grommet with an OD/ID that would both seal to the column and fit in the sheet metal cover, and used some rubber edge trim as the seal to the firewall. Got the rubber bits from a industrial supply company McMaster Carr. You probably have a similar place over there I would think.



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This was the 520 that was recently on fleabay. Price was not bad and it was only 15 minutes from me, so I threw down a bid and won! Guy I got it from said he picked it up from Oregon a while back to flip. Well, that supposedly did not work as he said he paid $500 for it and had to get it back here. Oh well, his loss, my gain (sorta). Anyhow, I believe this is either a late 65' or early 66' based on what little I know about 520's,. and was hoping to get some insight from the knowledge base. Vin is sub 3000 if that helps any. Here are the required pics,


Supposedly only the first trucks got the grill without the center badge? It's in good shape to boot!




Hood badge, turn signal (all metal lever), steering wheel and door pulls a clue?








No back up lights?




Look, original tailgate chains! You can also see the square fender well.




And the glove box knob.




Truck so far has only surface rust that I can see. We'll see if that hold true when I dig deeper.




And the might J13.




After replacing dry rotted rad hoses, new plugs, + batt cable, and a temp fuel supply, she fired up pretty quickly and ran well considering how long she probably sat. (shot a bunch of peanut shells out the exhaust laugh.gif ) Another case of how hard it is to kill a Datto! I will need to drop the tank and flush it as I see there is gooey varnish sitting in the bottom. Got the brake and clutch masters working, but need to bleed the brakes and replace the slave as it is rusted pretty bad. Plan for now is to just get it in drivable shape and store it until I can get at it to restore. (Thinking maybe a CA18DE would look good in there :thumbup: )Got to finish up a couple other projects first.



every time i try to see these pics i get directed to a screen saver site... can you fix

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So, ever since I put the engine back in the truck it has smoked badly. Not sure why it did because it ran fine and did not smoke when I pulled it. 1st thought was valve seals so I put in new umbrella type seals with the head still on. No help, so then I pulled the head to check the guides. They were a little sloppy, but not bad enough to cause the level of smoke I was getting. PO had at one point had the head done and had the guides knurled so I decided to have some bronze sleeves installed along with all brand new valves and OE type seals. Put it back together and.......still smokes! I thought about a motor swap at this point, but decided to try a re-ring in frame style. Pulled the head again and dropped the pan and popped the pistons out. Bores were kind of glazed over and the oil control rings were worn out (no tension) but otherwise the pistons looked good and there was no ridge in the bores. Took a 3 stone hone to clean the glaze then a flex hone to get the crosshatch, installed new std. rings (gaps at the high end of the spec, but still within specs) and buttoned it back up. As a side note, this motor must have spun #1 rod at some point in it's life as the rod has been replaced and all the rod journals have been ground .010. Mains still std. I noticed when I initially took the head off that there was an excessive amount of slop in the rocker arms so I figured I'd take a look as see whats up. Turns out the rocker shafts were shot along with the rocker arm bushes. Sourced a new rocker shaft and bushes easy enough but what they don't tell you is you need to drill the bushes for the oil holes AND ream then to fit the shaft. Took a bit to figure how to drill the holes and acquire the correct adjustable, spiral flute hand reamer to size the new bushes. So it's back together now, the smoke is staying inside the motor and it's actually pretty quiet with minimal valve train noise compared to what it sounded like before I rebuilt the rocker assembly. Been plugging away on finishing the bed and actually got the inside of the bed painted today and hopefully will finish blocking the outside and get that painted over labor day weekend and maybe even the tailgate, but still a ways to go on that. I also will be swapping in a 4.38 pumpkin that was in my 521 to replace the 4.88 in there now. Hopefully the little J won't object too much. Want to get that done before I put the bed on for obvious reasons. I did not take any pics of the re-ring but I'll get some of the bed up tomorrow.



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