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datsun 521 king pins

allen dodson

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Try rockauto.com


Replacement of the kingpin is about a 3.5 bannana :D



If Rock Auto doesn't have it.


Try this guy in Ebay



I got 2 from him 3 months ago for only $16

He raised the price more than double now.


Or upgrade to a good used 620 spindledog bone assembly.


It's a lot of work to replace those king pins.


Search for Mike's write up on king pin replacement.

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Looks like rockauto doesn't have these any longer. At least I don't see them listed for a '70. Now that I think of it, I'll go check for other years.


I'm curious about the 620 'dogbone' upgrade. Is there a thread on that here somewhere?

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'78 first year front discs, ball joint, EI distributor (other than California), internal regulated alternator. The same discs were used through '82 at least on the 720.










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The thread was actually a Hainz thread and I'm pretty sure it was on NWDE....I don't know if it's been transferred over to here or not......do a search of threads that Hainz(banzai) has started and see if it pops up. That would probably be easier than sorting through a 1000+ posts of mine :)


You'll want to get a fixed price if you're paying somebody else.....if they run into trouble, it could easily jump the price drastically. Ask them if they have the correct reamer....the bushings have to be reamed after they're pressed in.


That's a good suggestion on finding a 620 with decent spindle/kingpins.

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Didn't find it in the NWDE archive. Are you suggesting using a '78< spindle w/kingpins? What would be the advantage? It's still kingpins, right?


It doesn't look like the 620 control arms are a direct bolt in for the 521...


This is good info here re: swapping/removing 620 pieces


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I guess you needed to dig a bit longer and harder.....took about 30min to find it :(


The first page of the archived site has all the pics, but missing pics on page two. Once I found the thread name had a space and an "s" at the end, I was able to find it on nwde.....where it has all the pics :)





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So yeah you guys might be mad, I tossed ALOT of stuff From my build. What is the point of this post?.. Knowledge is everything.. I do still have the original cluster, gastank, outside and a few of the inside door handles, and some of the wireing harness.


I wish I knew there was a need for it.

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olddatsuns.com has the write up and others


True, but it's just a link to NWDE.org. I -HIGHLY- recommend putting that info elsewhere as the NWDE.org forums -WILL- go bye-bye this year.

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I own it....can't hardly say I run it since Dave still does any of the changes....I have no clue!! :)


ddgonzal's site has all the info archived. Maybe we can at least get the links switched around. I'm hoping to figure out the webpage stuff so that I can start posting the "how-to's" straight to olddatsuns, instead of the forums.

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A fellow was asking me if his (new to him) 320 truck has king pins and if they are interchangeable with the 520/521 models?  I don't think they are or not sure if the 320 even has king pins?  Anyone know?  thanks. 

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