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pic of your truck


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LOL, Datsun dreamer I was looking at the pics of the green 620 in your backyard and thought DAM!! For some reason that looks like Hellsperia oops sorry Hesperia, I have family who live there. The small little dust trap that it is :D Where about's do you live there? Oh yea my family members lives on 10th ave.

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Here's my driver, a 1970 521:




and the project, a '69, as of a week ago:




Mike Klotz helped me haul it home back in April (?), and I finally started working on it about a month ago. So far I have the EFI setup (most of it, anyway), a Borg-Warner T5 transmission, an L20B in need of a rebuild (bottom end only - I scored a really nice head, with closed chambers, big valves, a mild cam, and EFI intake ports), roadster bucket seats, most of the rubber and all of the glass, a better bed (the one from the blue truck - it's getting a flatbed/lumber rack), a couple driveshafts to make the new one out of, a 520 dash, some of the disc brake upgrade stuff, some of the front end parts (kingpins, etc), and a set of 16" Nismo truck wheels is on its way. Now all I need is time to put it all together! The cab's on a body dolly in the driveway right now, where I'm expecting it'll be for a while. Fortunately, it's fairly straight, now that I've replaced the core support. Hopefully it'll be done in the next 8 months or so, because after kid #2 is here, I have no idea how I'll have time to work on it. Oh, and we're in the middle of a landscaping project too. What was I thinking?



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Thanks for the compliments. I figured the hoist was essential for a project like this - I can take the body off, remove the engine, etc all by myself, and given how crappy my driveway is, an engine hoist on wheels would be a nightmare (unless I whipped up a Mike Klotz-style off-road hoist with pneumatic tires!). Anyway, the lumber only cost about $40, and the hoist is a $25 garage sale special good for 1 ton, though the frame isn't good for anywhere near that. The I-beam you see in the lower left corner of the photo was my original plan for a gantry crane ($20 at the Rebuilding Center in N Portland), but I realized it would be a huge hassle to set up and way more than I'd need for this job. It would be nice for other things, but I don't need another project of that scale right now!


I'll post a few photos of the body dolly when I get a chance; it's another thing I can't recommend highly enough.



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looks awesome adrummond, love the daily, the project sounds killer. i am curious what exactly do the nismo truck wheels look like? do you have a pic? and what about the 520 dash? i'm not familiar with it's details.


If I am thinking about correctly he may be referring to thses ones...


There are apearntly some different ones but those were the ones I was looking at back in the day...

Take a look HERE

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spiffinspudater, those are them. I hope the Nismo logo comes off.




Retail is around $400 EACH :eek:, but mine were $428 for the set, shipped, on ebay. Maybe because the seller spelled Nismo wrong? I really like the relatively plain look, the 7" width, and the fact that they're super light but tough because they're forged. I'm not so excited about the special lug nuts (7-sided, adapter required, 80 degree taper instead of 60 degree) or the fact that I'll have to swap in 12mm studs, but they're great wheels and this set was a steal. The 18's on the page you linked to are nice too.


Beebani, nope - I cut that one up to make repair panels for another truck last fall, and scrapped the rest. Some of it went to a good use! I think I still have the doors, though.


tnip, the 520 dash is an all-metal version of the 521's dash, so no foam pad on top. There's still an ashtray, but I think I'm going to weld mine up. The lower portion is also smooth, not textured like the 521's. It's a direct bolt-in replacement, though the plastic heater ducts that attach to the underside of the top are a bit different, so either make sure the ones on the donor truck are in good shape or repair them. They're only held on with one screw, and they break right at the attachment point pretty easily. Same with those on the 521. I'll figure out a way to add two more screws per vent, to make it a little more robust. I found mine on the Spokane craigslist - someone was parting out the cab of a '66, because he wanted to make a trailer out of the rest. I used http://www.craigshelper.com, and searched all of Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Idaho, though if it's going to be shipped, you might as well search the entire country. It's pretty incredible how many old datsun trucks are for sale out there cheap, like in the $200-$400 range.



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Here are a few photos of the dolly. It took a few hours to design and assemble, but it was totally worth it. I have a narrow driveway, and it's a drag trying to walk around the cab all the time, especially when you're pushing a wheelbarrow full of broken-up concrete.


front and rear views:






caster mounting plates:




and where it mounts to the body:





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wow... awesome deal on the cool wheels... amazing work on that cab dolly. seems like one of those things that if you spend a few hours doing it to begin with you save yourself tons of headaches over the course of the project. awesome job man. and thanks for the info on the 520 dash. i think by the time i get my truck to the point of doing something like that i'm just gonna build my own out of aluminum and rivets, i went to the local lost in the 50's cruz and decided i love the look of the all aluminum panel dashes in the prostreet setups (camaros, hotrod trucks, pintos... you name it, it's pro-streeted and somebody has one in the greater atlanta area) but i digress, awesome job. it's really inspiring to see somebody making a plan and thinking it through and actually doing it.

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2eDeYe;15856']Not til '80 something' date=' anything before that was done by various 4x4 conversion companys usual for a dealer.


That KC is clean...do you plan on wheeling it?[/quote']


Dont plan on ever actually "wheeling" it. Just when the weather calls for it, and to go get christmas trees!


Thanks for the compliments!

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