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pic of your truck


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I wonder how many chicks you could fit back there :D (sorry I couldn't resist :D )


Depends on what you are doing. :D A good night I fit 2 girls in there. Bad part is that you have to keep the tonnaue cover down so that you don't have to worry about it falling down and hitting someone in the head.;) Happened once, and let me tell you it's a mood killer!


As fun as the chopped truck was the king cab I got afterwards was fun in it's own way too!!


Windowless shell, walk-thru cab, carpeted bed, makeshift black curtains over the back window and between the bed and the cab! No door panels, no seat covers, no headliner... but the bed was nice padded carpet. Hey, gotta have your priorities right!:cool:


And some people actually asked me why the bed was carpeted and not the cab! LOL.kingcab.jpgP.S. I did move the mirrors off the window post after the picture was taken.

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I wonder how many chicks you could fit back there :D (sorry I couldn't resist :D )



Used to work at a factory that made sail boats. The salesman, when he was showing a boat to a potential customer, would describe the below decks by saying " sleeps four, fucks eight."


Put more leaves in the springs and you could carry more fat chicks!!:D

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$12 recyling fee, all the money goes towards weed.


I had stock (ugly) 300ZX wheels and a full set of 280zx aluminum wheels stolen from my house all at once. Those 280ZX wheels were 'sold' for $200. I went out to get them and they're gone. So for me that was a $200 loss right there.

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i hear ya, it was just nice to have a spare rim that matched the rest.. although it was pretty badly damaged.. and around here pot heads dont steal shit to buy weed, METH heads take care of that.. prolly traded it straight accross for some dope... or took the rim as well as other metal to scrap yard to get cash out of it.. and if thats what they did.. i bet they got a nice shiney nickle for my rim

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well lets see if I did this right. I really like my truck. I use it every day as my work vehicle. I am a tile man so it gets filled every day. plus nobody is riding as cool as I am around here. most people here don't know what a datsun is. That makes it even cooler in my book. It was grand paws truck with a topper when I got it. enjoy peace







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Wow very clean 521..I am so likin the interior and the color...nice truck man...as a big time Granpa...it would be nice to know that I left my truck to a grandson (or grandaughter) that would treat it nice as you have....way to go..

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It's SO hard to get wheels that don't over power such a plain truck like the 521. 18, 19" rims don't quite look right to me. Too much chrome (I hate the word BLING but it fits)


These, what ever they are, are as perfect as you can get!!! Take note you BLINGERS, this is the way it should be done.

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thanks for all the great feedback fellas.

Yes that is a misfits air freshner. I am just an old punk. I couldn't stand the thought of cutting the oe radio hole and I had to have the Pioneer Premier to rock out to, so I built the center console and covered it with sime nylon material I had. Some day when I get a chance I will recover the dash cap with the same stuff.

The wheel covers are early 280z. I got them in the factory sealed nissan bags. Sweet deal too. they fit the theme just rite. had to keep the 14's

The front air dam is really a rear spoiler from the dreaded "H" brand car. A little trim and some "L" brackets. BAM. Air dam.

Paw only hauled hay and fertilizer so the bed is good but as for the tailgate, well that is where you guys come in. I really need 1 bad. PLEASE HELP. I am willing to pay for a good 1. The truck is well worth it, and Paw would have wanted me to have a nice 1 too. Just can't find anything here. peace.

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I do use it for work but I am very perticular about how my truck is cared for.

I am a tile man so everything has to be straight as posible. including my truck. crooked and wavey makes me crazy. plus when I pull up at a job site, everyone smiles!

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i want to say to you all very nice trucks!!! it motivates me to to work on my truck but its a dd for now..im also new to the forum but have seen some of yall on nwde and hardly on it now that i found this forum...heres a couple pics of my dd/project its a 74 620....pics are not current i recently ran into a guardrail last week on my hill in the rain...i blame it on our great washington weather. ill try and get pics up soon.52373t.jpg[/img][/img][/img][/img]

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