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pic of your truck


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This truck I got for $200 delivered to my house had a L20b and truck 5speed, as well as the original 1600 and 4 speed, with a bad cylinder.










thougt it would be a parts truck but havent ever been able to molest it... If i dont find a 510 soon it might get moved to the garage for a frame up...


thats probably when i'll find a 510, once its in 10,000 pieces...

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Thanks. Yeah, it was my truck. I drove the piss out of it too. Daily driver for me for almost 10 years. Drove it to Cali truck jamboree in 92 when it was all blue.


I got broadsided in it about 10 years ago now. The passenger door was about 3 inches from my right arm. Messed me up mentally just as much as it did physically. I have a hard time getting motivated to work on cars now. And my projects now have to be shorter term ones that can be finished within weeks or I'll loose interest in it.

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I'm from Colorado.

I had a 78 king cab that we started the same time we did my chopped truck. But some lady cut in front of me and made me hit her.

The king cab was lowered, windowless shell and we made it a walk thru. Then it had electrical problems after that and it sat until I finally sold it to somebody back east somewhere. Needless to say I don't think I'll drive another Datsun p/u. 2 out of the 2 that I owned were wrecked.


Started a 35 Ford pu but after doing the chop and getting the suspension done I sold it last week. Everything I did to the 35 was an ordeal. It's not like I was doing anything out of the ordinary to the truck and yet everything I did was like I was the first one doing it. Nobody knew how to do anything I needed and I had to figure everything out myself. I got tired of that and sold it.


So now I'm looking for a driver. Something that needs redone or is driveable but needs paint and upholstery. Or something done that just needs a few changes to make it better looking.

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Last week I've been chopping a 51 Ford shoebox, then it came to my mind that I should probably chop my 71 521. My dad said that it would look ugly and this and that, it killed my motivation. and now that I see what was your truck, gave me second thoughts, It doesn't look bad at all.

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Before we chopped mine I looked at a bunch of pictures of other chopped Datsuns. The ones that were chopped and had the windshield posts leaned back didn't look right to me.


We kicked around different ways to do the back window and went with making it small but a little wider. I guess I've got the attitude that if you are going to chop something you might as well make it looked chopped. I looked at a model a sedan that was for sale and they had chopped the top an inch! 1 inch chop? I coulnd't figure out why they went through the time and trouble to just chop it an inch. It didn't make it look any better or any different for that matter.

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Welcome to the forum, sorry to here about everything thats happened, as i read your post i can understand why maybe you wouldn't want another truck- but as i saw your 620 i said this guys got a gift, it would be nice to see you do another 620 like that again! anyways its good to know your ok and welcome to the forum!

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I talked to a guy that was going to fix his truck up and he wanted ideas. I told him I'd do another one like mine, but with a few changes.


Everything done to the truck, aside from the chop, were simple things done in the driveway.


If the truck hadn't been totaled I would have eventually bagged it, put suicide doors, and changed color several times by now.

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wow:eek: That pic is crazy!! ouch!!! dam, thats a sweet wreck to walk away from. Sorry for you loss, that truck was nice, it looks like tons of work to me. I can see why you don't want to start another one. You should though :D

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Bleach: I remember sending the pics. It was when you had pics of crashed Datsun pickups on your site.


The hard tonnaue did fly off during the crash. I don't know how far it flew, but it held up good. Only a couple spots of the vinyl got rubbed through to the wood.

Matter of fact, my friend has the tonnaue cover and the upholstered bed panels on his 620 now. Here is what the bed looked like in my truck. The box in the passenger side corner of the bed was where the power antenna was. Just the chrome grommet and tip of the antenna showed with the cover closed.


And if I needed to haul something, and it fit in the bed, I'd just roll the carpet up.



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I wonder how many chicks you could fit back there :D (sorry I couldn't resist :D )


I reckon you could fit 10 or 12 back there if you stacked them neatly.. if they were in pieces.. probably 20! :P

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I reckon you could fit 10 or 12 back there if you stacked them neatly.. if they were in pieces.. probably 20! :P



haha pieces, that kinda defeats the purpose of the carpet :D

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