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pic of your truck


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yeah man looks like i maybe movin to the couve soon, this aint workin so well with me an the lady :( i gotta find a place to stay and a job an stuff but atleast us datsun guys can get together or something have some drinks at the bar an make our buddys drive home haha :P

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you select first the reply to post, then the advanced option...then attachment of the picture...with this forum you can't get them large or to appear inline in the post like the NWDE site..just another drawback...unless you host them off-site on photobucket or image shack sites

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hey char nobody will ever get the original weber air cleaner housing. thats part of the reason i bought that carb on ebay. i had another one years ago and sold it. just the original filter housing is pulling in $40-60 dollars. i have the chrome one on my 72 but they start to pit in about 1 year or so. they also made one that just had the straight lines that didn't say weber on it. i paid $130 for the carb and housing and it runs like a top. now my timing chain guide is loose and the chain is slapping. crap!! if or when i sell it the hitachi will go back on it.

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whats up guys, im new to the board. ive got a 1970 521, slammed. the pics im about to post aren't current, and neither is her status. its got a leak, i don't know if its a had gasket or maybe a crack in the waterjacket, but its undriveable atm. here she is. im also looking for a full ka24e write up. i love the looks of this truck and would love to have it for a while, but if i can't get her up, running, and reliable, she will have to go see a new home. btw, i think she looks better now, its got stock steelies painted black with beauty rings and tucks about an inch of the tires all the way around.

This truck is sitting in my garage now. I just got it Friday.I'm changing the head gasket this weekend. Here is how it sits now.



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