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pic of your truck


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2eDeYe;901']not sure why they don't fit yours' date=' but they fit on few other disc braked trucks...





Actually, that was a magic picture. If you look real carefully you can see what is holding the front of the truck up there. There is no front suspention on my truck in that pic. Good ol' Tacoma, kinda miss it. This is my truck as of right now. The rear has 2.5" blocks and 1/4" wheel spacers. the front has the '90 HB front suspension conversion with the newly machined hubs for the Titans. Gas-a-justs all the way around. No rubbing anywhere.

DatsunInterior.jpg Now I just need to hide my 20 lb. wiring harness:confused:

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How did I miss this thread?? You guys have some pretty nice trucks


here's a little something to mix it up a bit, not exactly a ratsun, but i think it still fits


my 91 "pre-runner" it's my DD so not too much gets done to it, pathy lsd, short shifter, 31x10.50x15s:


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here is a Skip's truck, he is computer illiterate so I had to post if for him :D






Yeah that truck was mine at one time :) Skip actually has 2 of my old 521's

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Here's a few pic's of the ol' Green Machine. I finally got a full sized shop and all my tools set up so I will hopefully have new progress pics of it soon. I hope to have it on the streets by summer :) I miss driving this truck so bad it's not even funny


Hey Eric,

nice 620, Datsun's finest truck. I like the way you've kept it clean and allowed the body to show itself off. The tires and rims complement it without attracting too much attention, I really like that. The lowering is within my 'comfort zone' if you know what I mean. I like.

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