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pic of your truck


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I like the truck Ice,,I really wish I had your mechanical know how...I am a bufoon when it comes to working on automobiles


Thanks man, I tell you what it took tons of research and devotion to understand the engine swap dynamics :) Its kinda like checking the datto forums, you have to make sure you do a little everyday, before you know it a month has gone by, you know what I mean. Its like drumming, witch I still haven't heard you yet. :P just takes an hour a day. :D

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just keeping them running is a task haha thats a nice truck.. what are your plans? paint or just keep it in primer?


It's sweet how I can see where everyone is :) makes all the difference, know if I see a for sale thread I know where they are :)

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Well actually I am getting ready to sell the 521. I dont have time for it , and I dont have time for it...I am trying to get it running, Heinz came down and helped me for awhile, get the timing set up, but it still wont fire up. Turns over, seems to be getting gas, I just need to check for spark now. It has dual 38 SUs. and I am not to sure about those...I will post when I get ready to sell..I am getting close...it is a good little truck and I would love to keep. But I have 3 620s and the 521, and my Pt Cruiser and mt CBR1000 and I live in a townhouse...So something has to go by by...so stay tuned if you are looking for a 521...

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Sorry I already got someone who wants the SUs, I havent decided If I want to part them from the truck....I am still considering...

My trucks....I have a daily driver 620 that I dont have pictures of...And I am working on a new project 620..no photos until running, I hope by the Golden Garden cruise in...

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hey 1lo620 is that blue truck yours?


Its his, you should see it in real life. Talk about impressive. :eek: and then a few of these :D :D thats what happened to me the first time I saw it..

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I got them on the back. The biggest problem is the disk brake truck has a wider track width than the drum truck. So I had to roll the fenders big time. I haven't even tryed to fit them on the front yet.

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I'd love to know the difference in width myself...Ice what size are your tires?


I'm running 1/4" spacers, rolled my lip flat and can fit my fingers between the lip and my tire fully loaded...




BTW that's the frame rails about 1/2" from the top of the axle in that pic ;)

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