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pic of your truck


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my '64 NL320. picked it up years ago for $50 and havent really had time and money to get around to it.


not a dat but ive put so much time and money into it that i should probably start claiming it as a dependant on my taxes.


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Don't do this!!


The insurance card and the drivers license were wallet sized at the time and you had to show both, at least if stopped in Ont. The card shows the expiry date had passed, and I had to 'doctor' it. I had the ownership and the insurance, photo copied onto a single page, as it wasn't my car. I told the lady officer jokingly that my girlfriend lent me the car, but didn't trust me, so gave me copies of the insurance and ownership and kept the originals.


No excuse, I was broke, out of work. (I was bad) Never once went above 55 the whole trip out. Just remembered. I bought a head light about an hour after being stopped but it was cold and dark out.:D


I used to do something similar to this... I used to have Progressive as my insurance company, and you could print a temporary insurance card right off the internet... Well I figured out how to download the PDF file, and I would just change the make, model, and effective dates to what I was driving, and the current dates... I only did it a few times, and only when I drove my Chevelle about a couple times a month. I dont do anything like that now... And they made it so you can't download that PDF file anymore either :o

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New guy here, thought i would post a picture of '73' 620 that I owned since new. After about 2000 miles on it I ordered a 1600 SSS engine from Dick Roberts of Datsun compeition in Gardena,Ca and installed it along with custom interior. Later in 1984, I repainted it with the graphics. I am on the hunt for some new rims because it is getting nearly in possible to find 215/60-14, maybe some 15" or 16" for a better selection of tires. The engine in the back of the truck is a VQ35DE for my 69 510 Wagon project.






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Welcome, and very nice ride you got there. Like to here stories of the people that bought there truck new.

Maybe try to find a set of factory Jeep 15x7 slotted mags, lets you keep the style that you have had and get some 205/60/15's or close to that.



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Thanks guys for the kind words! I purchased the truck when it first hit the market, I was going to get a 521, but the dealer mentioned that a new model was coming out so I waited for the 620. I was a senior in high school( yes, I am an old guy). 1 Month later I purchased the last of the 510s, my 73 2dr( see the 510 picture thread to see it) The paint job cost more than truck cost new. It was done by the lead painter at the Harrah auto museum here in Reno. The truck is in storage for the winter right now, but I will see if I have some pictures of the interior. If I don't, I will get some new pictures when the weather gets a little nicer. Are the Jeep mags 6 lug? I was looking at the 16x7 Nismo rims that are sold for the Frontier, but I don't know if the back spacing is right.



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Yes the Jeep rims are 6 lug.

The Frontier wheels will fit but, you have to decide how you want to accomplish it.

1/4" spacers, bore the wheel center a bit or machine your hubs down a little.


Looking forward to the interior shots :D

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I love this truck!!

Here's a few pic's of the ol' Green Machine. I finally got a full sized shop and all my tools set up so I will hopefully have new progress pics of it soon. I hope to have it on the streets by summer :) I miss driving this truck so bad it's not even funny









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