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pic of your truck


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Not sure...I would say you deleted it cause I don't know why anyone else would...but it said...


'... NO don't jump on the bandwagon'


refering to Lynch maybe wanting Titans...


I thought it was hilarious :D

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oh... haha yea... i was just curious cause i like to know what i say that amuses people... ... and now i can't remember if i deleted it or not, if i did i'm sure there was a reason...


as with this post i'm typing i often think "eh, i don't need to post this, just adds to the clutter..." and then i think "fuckit, that's what this site is for right?" ...


glad i could give you a laugh.

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Thanks. I haven't done a thing to it in a while.

Chris traded his IH to a guy in OR for a bagged and BD Chev Dually Crew.

As soon as I can get my 66 Country Sedan finished, I'll start drawing up the plans to drop the 289 into the 521.

The wagon's roofline is actually 2 inches lower than the 521. Don't ask about ground clearance :rolleyes:






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yah both those pics were from canby... beebani those are the 17 inch wheels selverado wheels. i got them $50 dollars a peice from les schwabb they got spacers up front but other then that they went right on.. inside is in good condition too.. 140,000 miles on the stock l20 eventually im looking to bag it and maybe some kind of engine swap...

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