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pic of your truck


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hey all. new to this forum (and datsuns). been posting and lurking around the old datsun pickup lover forum, but it looks like more people hang out here so ill prob be here a lot more asking all kinds of newbie questions. heres my 77 kc when i first got it.














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yeah, so i have no idea about if that ac is factory or not :confused:, ill take everyones word on that. ill post some pics of the ac set up under the hood when i get a chance. body is in pretty decent shape, has some scrapes, scratches, rust here and there, and someone backed into the passenger side front fender. since ive had it ive replaced the ususal stuff, clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder, brake drums & shoes, plugs, wires etc. planning on raising the suspension sometime...

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i've let 2 people drive my truck... 1 of em is the reason i picked that truck.. an the others my best friend who actually owns bleachs old 280zx an i been riding with him for years... no one else has drivin it.. and the thought of a female driving it makes me nautious not sayin they're not good drivers.. but .. it just makes me nervous lol.. ok seriously tho ladies please dont take that offensively



oh and how much did those rims run you.. not for the powder coat but for the actual rims.. and did u have to use spacers adapters or anything like that to make them fit?

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good eye on the de arching the rear springs! I just turned the torsions and thats it. It really dosent ride all that bad.



As far as the wheels you can find sets around $150 at dealerships that are offering upgrades on wheels. Anywhere else you can get em for $300-350. If you can find the gunmetal ones you hit the jackpot! Mine were silver. I would have never had em powdercoated if they were gunmetal gray!


I just bolted the front on and only needed 1mm spacers in the rear to clear the axle center where the drum sits. I have disc up front so I dont know if you need anything up front if you have drums.

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good eye on the de arching the rear springs! I just turned the torsions and thats it. It really dosent ride all that bad.



Thats about the same way I did my truck. I found out that the shocks were pretty much bottoming out though. Fixed that problem now its time for the rears.

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when you call the dealership, what department do you talk to about their factory wheels for sale? Is it the service department?


Yep, service...can't remember the manager guys name though. I imagine parts might get you there, but they might wanna sell ya new ones :P


You tell em tnip :D

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