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What's cooking next in Fisch's Art kitchen


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that a yamaha emblem on the back pilar? B)

Yup, that is a Yamaha emblem, and it will make sense in the end! ;) And Bonvo, you are reading my mind. CF is the second option for exactly the reason you state, Also why I used more modern wheels.. But I like the woodgrain too! Redeye, yup I use a wacom for all the digi stuff! Couldn't live without it! And I might make blanks some day.


As far as a list of what order, I use to have one, but I have changed my mind so many times it never sticks! 610, 510 goon,Z, roadsters, type 16... Soooo many. For someone reason I keep doing the oddballs, 200sx and now F10! What's next? 310 gtx with baracuda style back glass? :P

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2eDeYe' date='29 January 2012 - 11:17 AM' timestamp='1327853871' post='622288']

Any recommendations for a stylus newb? I'd like to get one, drawing with a mouse just doesn't work well :lol:



Any Wacom will get you going for sure. I have a pro friend that does fine with a Graphire. The bamboo would be a great beginner too.


I use the intuous 4 right now. 6X9 is all I need no matter how big I am going. I use to have a bigger older model, but prefer the smaller one actually since everything scales anyway.


Eventually I will get the Cintiq (where you draw on the screen) but I keep waiting for the next generation, then the next, then the next. Kinda funny. Might be weird to actually see my hand when I paint digitally as I am so use to my hand not being in the way.



International Artist Magazine did an article on me last summer for my Lottie Paris technique, and we did a little photoshoot for it in my studio. You can see my workstation which is pretty much where I am always typing to Ratsun! :fu: (The robot is working at my Wacom.) I took an old podium and made a steam punk swivel top computer work station. So I am always standing when I am working! :D





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How about some 70's Van style panels? Not murals, but panels.


Saw one at the wrecking yard a few weeks ago, had totally forgotten about those little cars. I always thought they where neat. :D



At the wrecking yard? Ah man that is what I need! A really cheap or free F10 so i can graft the body on to a GTiR AWD turbo drivetrain! (That is what I imagine this drawing would have under the hood!

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Fisch I hope you don't mind but I printed off the f10 and tried a few different colour combos useing pencil crayons. I'll try and scan my fave to show what I came up with for what I think is a nice colour combo.



Sure Z! Be fun to see! I have a pretty specific plan because of the Yamaha angle, but I'd love to see them. Stick them right in this thread.

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