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MIKUNI SOLEX Dual Carbs! $250 picked up, $265 shipped!

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Giggity Giggity my Ratsun brethrens.


I have a pair of dual Mikuni Solex carbs for sale. I have absolutely no idea what these are. I have a Z with a Holley carb and I am ignorant on Molex,Mukinu,Websters, Deltaco, carbs. I measured at the throttle opening and it is about 39.90mm which I am assuming it's rounded up to 40mm, yay, math is coooooOol. A friend had given me this as payment and I unlike most people, like CASH. The part number is there, please do the research as I am clueless on what these are, I thought they were binoculars. =) But I know that these came off my friends car and it was running as he had sold the car. He had so many cars, I have no idea. Could be 510, Corolla, RX7. Who knows.


Would you pay $10,000 for this? No, $5,000? Not even close!!! Oh, how about $500 dollars? Keep guessing!

You won't pay $400, not even $300! If you want these, (supplies are limited!) and if you swear to tell a friend, I can sell you this for one Easy payment of $249 picked up, obo. and $264 shipped. If you can't pay the Easy payment, I can make it a very difficult one for you at no extra charge!


What??!! That's insane! No, it's not, my rubber weatherstripping seals are bad on my Z so the fumes got in and I am like this permanently. =)

$249 picked up, obo. and $264 shipped obo.......


Please let me know, my friends. Thank you very much.......DUCER~








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I believe Nismo and Cannon are the only ones still available. No one makes them anymore that I know of and Cannons have smaller ports and not as desirable between the two. Here's a link to my manifold as well as the link to the nismo site if you prefer a new one. Nismo. I have on classified if you decide to purchase the carbs from this guy.

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For goodness sakes, I am not SKIB. Skib wishes he is me.


And to Canada I can do these $300 shipped. You can paypal $300+ 4% which is like $312 USD shipped.


USPS is going to be $35-37 if these fit into a 12x12x5 1/2 box, if they don't I'll have to pay more but I will take the hit.


Please let me know, these will be on Craigslist Los Angeles, and it's on CLUB4AG, so I am giving you the DIBS first sir. These will be gone locally most definitely once these AE86 Levin la vida locas get to it. .... ....



Oh, these have been specially cleaned and treated with a super polymeristic hydrophobic viscosity influctuation liquid that will help you fight against the cold and wetness of the CANADIAN wilderness.


It's really expensive and you need a Class 3R license to buy this liquid. I think it's called, Hellaslush WD-40. Wilderness Deterrent #40 formula as I am told. =)


LMK thank you very much.

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So Skib listed these using his alter ego's name, and then expressed interest as Skib to start a bidding war and make more money? Genius.


Seriuosly good luck with your sale.

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