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Clutch Question


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Hello all,


Curious about the 521 clutch. Mines not bad, but new would be better. I'm curious about getting a stage 1 organic sport clutch. Now, Exedy does not show anything pre '72.





Datsun/Nissan is almost as good as Chevy for interchageability. For example, I know that, for a fact, a 1975 Datsun Z runs the same clutch. Ran into this with my Dad's Z and my Car.





Now on to the question. Exedy has a stage 1 clutch for the '72 Datsun 620. As far as I know, the 620 runs the same L16 as my 521. Many of the parts I've been reading about are interchangeable between the 2 trucks. Can I get a clutch for a 620 for my truck? Did they change it, and if they did, what are the differences.


Just to note, I have done some research and the most I can find are part numbers that don't match up, but I know that this isn't exactly conclusive. Any info on this would be awesome.



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The '75 Z would have been a 225mm clutch and not the same as the 521.... well I guess the flywheel could have been changed to a car 200mm.



If you want a super good PP get the 200mm one from the '69 Roadster. 650Kg or 1,435 pounds of clamping force. Still available from Nissan.


The L16 in the 620 would have had the same 200mm clutch as the L16 in the 521.

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Not sure what the after market junk comment was abot. Good chance ill go with exedy as I love the product. Ran it on my corolla, my 240 currently, and my dad has one in his z and they have been fantastic in each one. Its not gonna happen for a little while. I'll post up when I do.

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for a 521 truck, the roadster clutch pressure plate is probably the best you could find, at any price. Nissan ran a serious racing program. Many of the Nissan racing parts are the best you can get. This clutch is one of those items.


Exedy may make some good clutches for many applications, and you might find one they make, that will fit. But I can just about guarentee you it will cost more than the Nissan one, and have less clamping force.


In the 1970's I used a 521 to tow horse trailers all over the Pacific Northwest. With two horses. The Roadster pressure plate is the one I used. It lived in this use. I doubt you will ever be as hard on a clutch as I was doing this.


I am always leery of parts with meaningless names like "stage 1", "organic", or "sport". These are meaningless words that are used to fool people who tend to put fart cannon mufflers on the back of their spoiler equipped Honda's.


One of the things you need to get used to with Datsuns is a lot of the time your best source of high performance parts is Nissan parts.


And before you ask about headers for your L-16, the stock exhaust manifold is probably the best you can get power wise.

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Can I get a clutch for a 620 for my [521] truck?

620 used different clutches different years. Only the first 1973 620 used L16.


Exidy *does* make good clutches. But their "stage 1" clutch may be very different from the Nissan clutch, or it might be pretty much the same. If you already like the feel of their "stage 1" clutch in other cars, go for it!


Are you asking about the clutch disc, or the clutch pressure plate? You can mix or match them. The clutch disc is more about feel, and the pressure plate about clamping force (requires more or less pressure to push the pedal down). Most Nismo clutches have a poor feel, but engage quickly. Nismo pressure plates are heavy duty, for increased engine torque and/or towing applications. Otherwise you don't need increased pressure.

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I understand your point. Now, as long as exedy goes, I dissagree, but its all just opinion. Now for the names. Organic just means its a carbon base, pretty standard for any clutch. It's called a stage 1 because its its first level of their sport clutch line. Ive driven both stage 1 and 2 in different vehicles. their stage 1 is streetable but fairly rugged. The stage 2 is stiff, really stiff with some god aweful chatter. Not really streetable for any form daily driving aspect unless you need to work out your leg for any reason.


Now for the nissan only arguement, like I said I understand, just humbly disagree. I'll definately look into the roadster clutch, especially for price. Now I will say I super appreciate the info as it does really help me.


One last question. The 620 had the same spline as the 521 right?

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The input shaft on the transmission is the same spline. Pretty much any l series transmission will plug into the l-16 in your truck.

For example, I have a 5 speed long shaft Z-car five speed in my 521. Used the 521 slave, and throwout fork, and bearing. Used the roadster clutch pressure plate, stock clutch disk.

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Dont use the roadster pressure plate there is no reason for it. I have one in my stock 521 and it's ridiculous.


My l16 with w53 head and weber and possibly flat tops has a after market (japan) clutch from ebay and I can drop the clutch and do 90+ at 5k and been driving it for years. Damn thing is quicker than my l20b.


Point is the roadster clutch is hella hard to press in for no gain.

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