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Fj20et Dizzy Modded For S14 Ecu

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here are the pictuers of the FJ Dizzy that i have converted so that i can use it as a CAS and put out signal to a S14 ecu


S14 CAS disk




FJ20et disk




FJ20et and S14 disk (inner notches are differet and over all diameter)




FJ20et Dizzy




Using the FJ20ET disk as a guide to drill S14 one (make sure you have it correct way up )




Modded FJ20et dizzy




signal out put is the same as the S14 one which is great (even thought the disk is a little smaller it works)

I had to drill the S14 disc so that i could use the FJ20ET spacers and rotor arm spindal (for lining up to TDC)

You now have a FJ20ET dizzy ready for S14 ecu


Then i constructed and wired up the coil packs using S13 coil packs with little modification and S13 loom that plugged right into the S14 loom with no modifications




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I just picked up a FJ.  Any reason you couldn’t swap to coil packs that fit the FJ valve cover?  Awesome write up!  I want to put mine in my sunny.  

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If you can get a way to secure the coil packs on the plugs then no reason you cant go that way

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