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At my witts end


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I need help and I need it bad. I have had my L16 taken apart a few times now and still can't figure out what's wrong with it. It will not start and it is blowing air and fuel out of the top of the carb. This would tell me the valve timing is off. I tore the front end off of it today. I was a tooth off on the crank sprocket somehow. I fixed that, made sure both my "o" marks were lined up and then put it ll back together. I went to start it again and all it wants to do is spit gas out the carb. I'm lost and sick of tearing this thing apart.

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If the distributor is pointing to the wrong wire or some wires got mixed up it will do this.


Put to Top Dead Center on the compression stroke, if your not sure, pull valve cover and check that both cam lobes on #1 are pointing upward. Remove distributor cap and make sure the rotor is pointed at the #1 spark plug wire. Generally the L16 is toward the rad or front of the motor. DON'T ASSUME!!! follow the lead ALL the way to the plug. The distributor turns counter clockwise so the next wire is toward the driver's fender and is the #3 wire, follow it all the way to the #3 plug, then #4, then #2.

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Turns out while #1 was at TDC on the comp stroke, the #1 intake valve was open. It only took me three tries, but it runs now.


Good for you, I guess the the engine or cam had been moved prior to re-assembly. When you adjusted the cam, did you check for timing chain stretch, as the motor runs even better when the cam timing is spot on.

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