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Door Stand


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I have a few 521 doors that I need to work on. I had this idea of mounting them on an engine stand somehow, and finally did this.

I made this plate, that will bolt to the door.


Here is the plate bolted on the door.


I then made this adapter, that fits my engine stand, and the door plate. The welds are not the prettiest, but they are holding the two piece of metal together. I am getting better at welding stuff together.


The adapter attaches to the door plate with the four countersunk holes. When I drilled the holes for the adapter, I drilled two holes through the adapter, and the door plate, clamped together. I drilled two diagonal holes, across where the pipe would be welded to the adapter. I then unclamped the two pieces, and turned one over, and clamped them again. I used the 3/8 drill, to mark the center of the two new holes, and then drilled the two new holes, and then turned both pieces over again, and finished drilling the third and forth hole. I then countersunk the holes on both sides of the door plate.

I can bolt the adapter on each side of the door plate. The door plate can be turned over, and I think it will bolt on to both the right and left doors. I have not tried it yet on a right door, I am working on a left door.


I did not plan on being able to, but I can spin the door completely around, the top of the door just misses the leg on the engine stand. The door is balanced pretty good, it will stay in any position I leave it at. I can also tighten the clamp bolt, on the engine stand and hold the door in that position. The door ended up an almost an ideal height to be able to reach inside with a body hammer, and hold a dolly or a block on the outside of the door.

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