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1965 Datsun 320 (east coast)

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I just saw this ad on CL and am pretty excited:



So any eastcoasters, check the ad! For those who have one or know anything about them, how's it look from those pics? I should be getting some more in a little bit after he emails me back. I might have to find a way to purchase this thing.

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Hell yeah, I found this puppy yesterday and spent a few minutes trying to convince the wife we had to have it. Didn't work. But I guarentee if I saw this before I bought my 521, we would be running with cash in hand right now and she'd be the one speeding to get there. We love 320's! But i gotta finish the 521 first!


For an east coast 320 with this much already done to get it streetable, it is a smokin deal. this is about the fourth one I've seen come up for sale in this area in a year of looking. And only two of the others were runners and were 3k and 7k respectivly. (Both were a little nicer than this one though.)


Soeone please go get it, and sell it back to me for the same price when I am ready!:D

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