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620 stock tach...need photo

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How do you pull the tach from the cluster while still in the dash?







ya dont. pull the cluster. itos not hard to do. also if its in a yard could ya look at the fuse box? i need one thats NOT melted BADLY!

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i can pick up fuseboxes for $10 or less here at our local you pull yard but finding a 620 here is not easy. at least not where i am anyway. oh and if itsnot melted i need the plugs too with pigtails about 3 inches back. you could always "free 99" it. but that wouldn't be right.

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Yeah 40 dollars. It didn't get there to check for the fuse block. Another driver stopped in and picked the tach up for me. :D



Is it easier to put the tach in by pulling out the whole instrument cluster?









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There should not be any stock wiring for that tach in your 73 620. You are starting from scratch.


Pulling the cluster is easy. one screw at the top of each guage hole. Radio knobs might need undone, heater knobs need removed(small phillips from the bottom), Cigarette lighter needs removed. And sometimes two pain in the ass screw that are under the dash going into the bottom of the bezel. OHH, and the speedometer cable(have fun with that). I am sure i forgot something, but that will get you started and others please add the things i might have forgot.



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does somebody need a 620 fuse box? I have one from a 1978. with the six fuses and the L shaped plugs with about six inch's of wire. don't kow what I will use it for. if you live close you can just come grab it.



i do. as long as its not melted i am interested. i am not to far from seattle. i can always come down to seattle or even tacoma if need be.

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Dave, you could also cut the harness plug off of a truck at the junkyard to use for hardwiring it in and then be able to unplug it like factory.


I like your plan to not cut the factory harness, just never works out good.

How many times have you seen someone complaining about the previous owners wiring jobs.



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